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  1. If it helps anyone, the full 4.3 installer (US) is here: http://sonicstage.connect.com/SS-US.zip update; OK I followed WeekendWarrior's method, sounded promising but it only half works for me. No crash and I can transfer tracks, but my nw-a3000 says 'please connect compliant software' on startup and some database features like correct alphabetisation for names starting with 'The...' and the recent transfer playlists are missing. It can at least play music! I wondered if I'd just corrupted my database somewhere along the way (had experimented with SWEx recently) so renamed my OMGAUDIO folder and tried with a new fresh one, no difference. Guess it's something to do with not having the 'limited patch' installed. Ho hum, off to hunt a download for 4.2 got it, all working again and exactly as it was before I tried to upgrade. thanks sony for wasting a few hours of my life gah
  2. Perfect for transferring tracks back to my PC, thanks! BUT... Sonicstage screwed my NW-A3000's database after I used SWEx to put tracks onto the player. So choose one or the other, but not both pieces of software!
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