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  1. hitrace

    Sony nw a3000 walkman

    It did work before replacing the battery. Battery replaced as described in the sony manual ,there is no mention of having to reset anything. Have check and reset machine as in the sony manual
  2. No sound from headphones? I have replaced the battery but now there is no sound from the headphones the display shows it is working and the volume is turn up I have tried other headphones that I know are working but still no sound. The unit wlll play with sonic stage so there are files wich are ok any suggestions will be appreciated Hitrace
  3. Hi Many thanks to you all the MP3CONVERSIONTOOL.EXE has solved the problem once again thanks for your help regards Hitrace
  4. Hi A need to convert all my music files on my damaged sony player(.oma) to mp3 for my new player. i have a backup copy on the pc and was told to use Sonic stage to convert to a wav file and the use Audacity to convert to mp3 On my copy of Sonic Stage the option to save as a wav file is greyed out. I would like a quick way to do this as I have over five thousand tracks thanks Hitrace
  5. Can anyone help the save in wav format is greyed out how can I get this to work thanks hitrace
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