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  1. There are several ways to get to the same point in Windows! The problem with the F8 safe mode boot menu sfbp is referring to which works fine for W7 is that W10 boots faster and if you have UEFI bios or an SSD drive pressing F8 probably will not be detected in time. In fact some windows 10 sites say it has been disabled by default now.
  2. I think sfbp is referring to something else than me. The F7 is further into the process of disabling driver signature enforcement on the video. Here is Microsoft's version of how to do it:- Go to Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart now. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart > F7 or 7. Once it restarts, you may now install any third party drivers. Note that the next time you device restarts, driver signature enforcement will be enabled again."
  3. I had a few issues disabling the windows driver signature enforcement as the method using the startup settings and hitting F7 as on the video did not work on my windows 10 pro build 1809, I just got a blank screen with no choices. After much head scratching I realised it was a video card issue, and connecting to the on-board graphics instead to reach the choices screen was the answer. I had posted a much more complicated way to disable the enforcement which I have now removed as it was a bit extreme. Hope this may save someone else the time I have wasted!
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