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  1. mdmc

    MDS-JE510 Parts?

    I found out the part no is 1-500-396-11 HEAD, OVER WRITE, but the place given for supply in 2008 does not list it. - partstore.com This may be useful to someone. Found this, too - http://www.fullcompass.com/product/291373.html
  2. mdmc

    MDS-JE510 Parts?

    I have a perfectly good MDS-JE510. A few months ago a friend renowned for clumsiness inserted a MD and pushed it upwards. Afterwards I could not insert a disc. On removing the case I found that the overhead reader head (I found out what it was via the net) was broken off on one side and hanging down in front of the disc aperture. When I lifted it and inserted a disc, it skipped and would not record. I guess it needs fixing. A few places on the net mention replacing this, but they are usually old articles. I checked the spare parts section on this site and most of the suppliers seem to be defunct. I am in England, I did see a page which showed the overhead readers for sale in the US for $28.99 but have not been able to find the page since. Is changing the overhead reader an easy job? Can anyone tell me where I can buy one? Does anyone know of a reasonable repairer in the UK that could fix this? These models are still listed at highish prices on Ebay so I would like to get it sorted out. I use minidiscs for backings for live performance and find them much more reliable and robust than mp3 players, CDs or PCs. I still have MDs in use that were recorded in the 1990s! I have three other SONY MD players, but this one is the newest I own. Thank you
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