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  1. i have the RDR-HXD995 dvd recorder and it will not show tv channel pictures any more. I first discovered this last night when i returned from work, 23/5/14. I have unplugged and then reset the system by holding stop, pressing on/off, then releasing the stop button. I have gone through the set-up process again and it finds all channels but it only displays them for a few seconds before it goes to a black screen. If you try to change the channel then the new channel does the same and displays for a few seconds before returning to a black screen. I attempted to watch a dvd and it played correctly so i doubt it can be the cable connecting to the tv. When i try to check the signal strength it shows as approx 95-100% and has the picture showing behind it but again this only lasts for a few seconds before it reverts to black screen. I then tried the manual update function but it hit 20% and then the screen went blank and it just seems locked in update mode again as it was when i got up this morning. If anyone has any ideas of what i can do to resolve this i would be most grateful
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