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  1. That particular model has been out for couple months I believe. I own W890i. The sound is actually pretty good compare to other phones. But I much prefer NWZ-A820/720.
  2. Just drag-n-drop. No software is necessary. Also, if you want the picture to be shown as an icon for video file, name the picture file same as the video file and place them in same folder; I think this is what the manual says. Anyways, I have no problem in transferring videos this way. Hope this helps. If you need converter, that is if your video file is not MPEG4, then just get any free file converter.
  3. Yes it's stereo. In fact, I didn't know there was non-stereo portable player for music... since, it would totally defeat the purpose of most recorded musics.
  4. Next NW-S/NWZ-S series most likely to be released by end of this year considering recent release of NW-A and NW-E series.
  5. JP version support ATRAC and comes with built-in NC function with bluetooth models only.
  6. Yeah, don't use Media Manager for Walkman. Instead, use Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11). Through WMP11, I don't have problem with JP or KR displaying. Edit: Oh, I didn't see your second post. Hmm that's weird. Because, my NWZ-A728 has no problem in displaying JP or KR through WMP11.
  7. I agree with you on dropping a feature while adding another feature intead. Anyways, I think Bestbuy has somewhat forced manufaturers to do so, since Creative decided not to follow, Bestbuy has stopped selling Creative.
  8. From past NWZ-810 series, adopted firmware for rhapsody for bestbuy which added additional functions for the service but dropping language function. So, your NWZ-A820 series for Bestbuy might have different firmware from other's. I bought from Sonystyle.com and has many different language settings. Either way, your device should be able to display most languages, including Japanese, for song titles.
  9. Yeah, inside base of the cradle (BCR-NWU3) is not wide enough for both supplied stand for cradle and NWZ-A820. I assume BCR-NWU5 is a bit bigger (?) since it supports NWZ-A820 and previous models also. If you are happy with NW-A800, I bet you are, then I'd say stick with it.
  10. NWZ-A720 series, one that I have, does not have FM tuner. But, I am not sure about NWZ-A820 series.
  11. Well, if you are looking for some sort of arguments, go look for someone else. Plus, its a review based on my actual use of the device not based on spec that was released few months ago as you mentioned. I am glad you got your Walkman for weeks and I hope you are enjoying the device as I am. Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle, but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting (Sun-tzu).
  12. There is increase in space, that's for sure. You will probably notice it once you swtich from A810 to A820. But the difference will be more noticeable if you listen to NWZ-A820 for awhile and then switch to A810. I am not too sure but may be due to this increase in space, songs and close frequencies are more clear. One thing that I will like to add, which I mentioned previously, is the screen. I really like the way the screen is closer to the surface of the player. I hope I answered your question, if not just let me know.
  13. Walkman NWZ-A820/720 The new Walkman comes with built in Bluetooth version, A820, and one without it, NWZ-A720. NWZ-A720: 4, 8 and 16 GB models are available with USD150, 200 and 300, respectively. NWZ-A820: 8 (bundled with Bluetooth headphone) and 16 GB models are available with USD 270 (Bluetooth headphone included) and 320, respectively. As of March 24, 2008. The one I recently purchased is NWZ-A728 (8GB without built in Bluetooth). All models supplied with MDR-EX082 earphones! The biggest improvement in this new line-up is bigger display (2.4inch display), built in Bluetooth (for NWZ-A820) and most important factor, the sound quality. Supported Formats: Linear PCM (WAV), AAC, MP3, and WMA (including both DRM and non-DRM, also VBR support). Software: Drag-n-drop, Windows Media Player 11, Media Manager for Walkman, etc… Playstation3. Design and material quality: The front design looks very clean with nice blend between aluminum and 2.4inch display. Option and Back keys are similar to previous NWZ-A710 series and 5-way key is similar to NW-A910 series from Japan. These keys/buttons are imbedded in aluminum material; very similar texture from SonyEricsson’s W890i Walkman phone casing material. These keys feel very soft, not making much clicking sound; it’s really up to user whether they prefer clicking feel and sound (which was the case for NWZ-A810) or smooth and almost no sound (NWZ-A820/720). The side design is very clean with Bluetooth key on/off key (for NWZ-A820) and dedicated volume control with conveniently located hold key (slide up and down). Design wise is very nice. But, if I have to point out one downside is that the material used for the side only, this silver/chrome rim is not as hard and smooth as previous model NWZ-A810. This is really the only disappointment in terms of material used for this device but the aluminum on front really makes up for it. Overall, it is a solid player. Display/Screen: 2.4" QVGA LCD Screen (320x240 display). Obviously, screen size has increased from 2 inch. One other improvement is that the screen is closer to the surface. What I mean is that the picture that is being displayed is closer to the surface of the device, whereas the previous model, NWZ-A810 had a bit of deeper into the device feel. Sound: At first, listening my favorite song through MDR-EX700 with NWZ-A728, I immediately noticed subtle difference. There is more space and thus better separation; it has better high and crisper bass. For example, I was very please that is was really easy to hear clear drums with guitar riffs background. Songs sound very clean and crisp. Overall, sound quality has improved but there is same level of minor hiss as NWZ-A810 series. Accessories: I tried using my previous stand (cradle), BCR-NWU3 but unfortunately the supplied plastic cradle fitter does not fit in because the actual size of player has increased. So, there is new cradle BCR-NWU5 which support NWZ-A820/720, NWZ-A810, NWZ-S710, NW-A800, and NW-S700. Sony is also selling screen protector, leather case, silicon case, arm band and few other accessories. Oh and external stereo that fits into the player. Conclusion: I am extremely happy with the player although I hope they used harder material for that silver/chrome rim that surrounds side of player. It sounds very nice and is easy to navigate. Obvious question that people might ask is: “is it worth to update from NWZ-A810 or NW-A800?� If you prefer bigger screen with closer to the surface, bigger capacity (16GB) and Bluetooth, then by all means NWZ-A829 is a fine choice. There is improvement in terms of sound compared to NWZ-A810 but it’s not a huge improvement, but surely a nice step forward. So, if you are planning to replace NWZ-A810 but you are extremely happy for NWZ-A810/NW-A800 then I say stick with it and wait till later this year for possible new NW/NWZ-S or next year for NW/NWZ-A line-ups. I was hoping to write better review but I am in a tight schedule this and following week and I am sure I left out a lot of details with bunch of mistakes. So, if you have any question regarding this New Walkman, I will try to answer them (I won’t be able to give quick response sorry).
  14. Some of you may have already noticed it already. MDR-EX700 LP (longer cord version of its sibling MDR-EX700 SL, JP version, and little bit cheaper than Japanese official price) is now available on US SonyStyle. http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665378178 MDR-EX700 Review
  15. Umm... you really don't need to apologize. It seems like BT getting more poplular, especially among cell-phone users. But only BT devices I have is my laptop and PS3. But, those earphones with BT do look very convenient; I wonder what it sounds like.
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