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  1. Jims ebay account looks like it's deactivate, anyone know if hes still doing repairs?
  2. Still havd that rh1 for sale?
  3. Looking to buy a rh1 in black. I know they can get fairly expensive, but if anyone has an extra one or one they are just storing away in a drawer, and they are willing to part with for a very reasonable price, then please send pics and price. Im not reselling it or just collecting it to store. I plan to use it every day like I used to. I used to have an n1 until it was stolen from me from a family member over 14yrs ago. It left me with a bad taste as I saved up a min wage salary to buy it when I was a kid. That was a long time ago, Im passed it and im now in the market for mz rh1. I wanted to ask here first before dealing with ebay, maybe someone can give me a good deal or maybe work out a barter or something. Can't really afford to pay too much (approve it with the wife) Thanks, look forward to offers and finally get back into MDs
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