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  1. 6? I've already put that equation to work! Man you have no idea how much the helps.
  2. That's it! Thank you! Man I wracked my brain over that... The irony is when I was last in a math class 20 years ago I was probably not paying attention and listening to a Minidisc.... Thanks so much!
  3. MD = time on Minidisc MU = time of music you wish to record X = variable (my answer) R = remainder MD - X = R. And 2R = MU - X That's as close as I can get to anything and still doesn't answer my question....
  4. Any math geeks out there? I'm trying to come up with a simple equation to help me find how long I can record in normal mode before having to record in MDLP2 due to disc space. So for instance, if I want to record 100 minutes of music on an 80 minute Minidisc, how long can I record before having to switch to LP2? Obviously the answer is 60 minutes but can someone help me find the equation for this? That way when I have 87 minutes to put on a 74 min MD or 18 minutes of space left and 31 minutes of music, etc... I've been hurting my brain on this for a while and can't find an easy answer, although it seems simple enough.
  5. I see on the MD Equipment Browser for the MDS - PC3 it says "Sample Rate Converter 48/32kHz to 44.1kHz, 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter". I currently am using my laptop for USB audio output into the PCLK - MN10 and then Optically to the 940. I have leàrned here that the 940 uses 44.1kHz and so I wonder if I used this same system into the PC3 if there would be any SQ difference. I am recording FLAC files onto MD and sometimes in LP2 mode.
  6. Different topic in the same vain.... I recorded a CD from a Sony CD transport digitally (SPDIF) to a 940. Then I played them both at the same time... The CD from the transport digitally and the MD from the 940 digitally to an external DAC and then to my amplifier. With a flick of a switch I could go back and forth from CD to MD, enabling a great blind test. My wife and I played around for an hour and every single time either of us chose a preference it was for the MD. Makes me happy....
  7. That makes sense. I was just reading other threads of his stuff. Thanks
  8. Has any one else noticed this website? http://marlene-d.blogspot.com/2013/09/spectacular-sounding-minidisc-tweaking.html Has this subject been discussed here?
  9. Sorry I thought you were asking if the 940 had a PS2 port... No it does not work with the PCLK MN 10. NGY, thanks for the thoughts... It's easy to always wonder if upgrading your gear could improve SQ... I'll try to be content.
  10. SFBP, you are the one who mentioned that MD accepts 44.1kHz rather than 48kHz and that is what has me confused... Could you elaborate as to why the PCLK MN 10 is a better fit for converting to MD Recording? You mean the output is in 44.1kHz no matter in the USB input?
  11. Since i started this thread i wont feel bad sidetracking and showing off my flexy rack i made last year (sorry for horrid photos)
  12. I have two Noin-japanese versions of the 940 and both of them have a PS/2 port on the front for a keyboard which will do all major remote functions as well as title. I will attempt to add photo of my port as well as the keyboard that I use with functions printed on it. I love my setup... I use it daily sometimes for many hours. I also have a D40 which rarely gets used. One day id like to get a MDS W1...
  13. I guess I'm asking about the "audiophile-ness" of the PCLK MN10 versus a dedicated USB Converter... Specifically in regards to conversion to ATRAC3 or Type R. P.s. if you guys talk me into it there may be PCLK MN10 for sale I also have a PC3 that I never use with remote and all cables that wouldn't mind trading in for another piece of gear
  14. I know... I got it all working with a WinXP machine (thanks so much for all your help with that) but found myself enjoying using they keyboard function with the 940 more. I'm getting very good and fast at editing and titling with just the keyboard and just figured it wasn't worth either having a dedicated PC or moving away from Win10, which is what I have now. So I'm simply using the PCLK MN10 as a sound card...
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