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  1. ah ok that makes sense. Nice one, thanks a lot andy
  2. Hi, I have a d-ne20. I used it for the first time today, with a new battery. I charged the battery and it plays fine, except that the battery life indicator on the remote shows only 2 bars. Surely it should show all 4 bars considering it is freshly charged? Or are the extra two bars reserved for if you use the AA battery attachment too? Any suggestions? cheers, andy
  3. blueade7

    ne830, ne20, ej2000

    Hello all. I am looking to buy a new PDCP. I have done quite a bit of research on the internet but really there isnt much information to be found. My parameters: Money is not really an issue. I have a large cd collection and standard cds are what I primarily intend on playing (as apposed to mp3 / atrac cdrs). Quality of sound is important. Remote with back lit lcd is vital. Would like it to be small, though this is not absolutely vital. So I am thinking either ne830, ne20 or ej2000. Can anyone recommend any others that would fit the bill? I have read about compatibility problems with the ne20, however this obviously wont affect me much as I wont often be playing mp3 / atrac cdrs. The ej2000 does not play mp3s and atrac, which is a pity cos I wouldnt mind having that feature even if i wouldnt use it often. What is the remote like for the ej2000? Ive heard the remote for the other 2 are pretty bad. I havent read much about the ne830 at all. Can anyone offer their opinions on this player? How do these 3 models compare? Im from the uk and I notice that european models have volume limitations / caps, which is an annoyance. Im thinking of getting a Boostaroo Revolution (http://www.boostaroo.com/store_detail.php4?id=10) to counter this problem. Anyone got one of these? Or else I may order it from the US, where the volume is not capped. Any help would be much appreciated. cheers, andy
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