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  1. Hi Trying to record from my stereo to my JE780 via the optical cable but I get the Din Unlock C17 error as soon as I press the record button. Cable at both ends is seated correctly and is working correctly as far as I know. Sony suggests a "power reset" but can't find how I do that. Also, the Optical In doesn't seem to have a red light which I guess is the nature of the error; is there a simple fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah, actually I have three; a Sharp MT180 (which is rubbish) and an N520 and N710. Happily using them all again; well, apart from the Sharp.
  3. Hi All New around here. I was cleaning out my garage a couple of weeks back and found a stack of old Minidiscs from the late 90s. I had completely forgotten I'd even had one. I looked on eBay and have bought myself a JE780 for £70. Thanks to this thread I've managed to install Sonic Stage and the driver for my Windows 10 machine and the system works perfectly. The only issue I have is that SS seems to ignore when the 780 is in LP mode. Sure I'll sort it out. It's really wonderful listening to MDs again and makes a change from Spotify, etc.
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