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  1. Well. This post is to confirm that everything is running perfect. Thank you very much sfbp for your time and support. I've performed a recalibration with a prerecorded and a new recordable mini disc. I've followed the service manual procedure. After that, everything is working, player skips tracks as fast as the R500. Now I have a fully working unit, cleaned, re-lubricated, and re-calibrated. Again, thanks a lot! Regards!
  2. Well. I've assembled the unit after applying silicone grease and everything is like before. It reads de TOC fast, but track skipping takes long (some 10 to 30 seconds). I've played a fully recorded disc, recorded on the other unit (R500), it's 80 minutes long 20 track SP. Playing went fine from start to finish. I've tried recording a full 80 minutes disc, with this unit, via the optical input, and recording went fine. Full 80 minutes recorded without problems. Now I'm playing this disc on the R500 and sound is perfect. No errors. So, Temp and power calibration are fine, and mechanical assembly is fully clean and working. Maybe I need to perform the servo calibration?. Prerecorded disc is arriving via mail tomorrow. What makes me doubt about all this, is that no error is logged at all. What are your suggestions?. Maybe a bad optical lens?. Misalignment?. Wrong laser power?. I have no means of measuring laser power. Regards.
  3. Ok. Thanks for answering. I've removed the gear and lead screw. It has no special alignment. Just the thrust detent spring and the rack spring. Cleaned it and greased it again. Will reassemble all tonight. And test. I'm far from being a Mini Disc repairman!!. It's been only two days. Regards.
  4. Hi. I've dissasembled the unit. Lead screw is dry and dirty. Can I remove it without loosing any alignment?. I just want to clean it and re-apply silicone grease. Thanks
  5. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. Tomorrow I will clean the lead screw and re-apply silicon grease. Will report back tomorrow. Thank you!.
  6. Hi. I've followed the service manual procedure and set temp (summer 30 degrees, Hex 1e). Also I've calibrated all the voltages. Unit got a little better, now TOC Reading time is fast and similar compared to N500. What continues to lag is track skip time. When I skip for instance from track 1 to track 5, it takes about 20 seconds. Also I notice some head clicking noise on outer tracks. I've tested with both, internal 1.5v alkaline battery and external power supply at 3v. Maybe I need to perform a servo calibration? Regards.
  7. Thanks. I will test and calibrate power and temp first. I will tell you how it worked later. Regards
  8. Thank you for your answer. I will try your suggestions. Will program the power supply to 1.2 volts and 1.5 volts and connect it in the battery compartment. One question, servo adjustment requieres a 911 reset?. In wich situations you need to perform a 911 reset? I've bought a prerecorded disc just in case. It's on its way Will report back. Regards
  9. Hi. I've tried both. 1.5 volts alkaline and a lab bench power supply set at 3 volts It seems that problem is worst with 3v. Takes longer to read
  10. Hi people. New member here from Argentina. I've got into the mini disc world this year by getting a MZ-R500 which works flawlessly. Then I've got a MZ-N510 in very good condition but the unit does not work well. Sorry for my english, I'll try to explain what the problem is. When I insert a recorded MiniDisc, unit takes longer than my other player to read the toc. For example in the R500 toc reading takes about 3 to 5 second to read. In the N510 it takes about 10 to 30 seconds. When I press play, first track starts to play after about 5 to 7 seconds, but when it starts playing it plays well without errors. If I skip to another track, skipping takes too long, randomly it takes from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. After it reads it plays well. I've recorded a blank MD, it records ok from line in (I haven't tested through NetMD), but when I stop recording it takes about a minute displaying a bliking "Edit". When I playback the recorded MD in the other unit, recording is OK. I think that this is not normal behaviour (compared to older R500). I've got into service mode, and all I've attempted is to read the error log which shows no errors at all. I'm skilled with electronics as is my daily job (notebook repair), but have no knowledge on Mini Discs. I believe that it might need some kind of calibration. Any help from the folks with experience would be greately appreciated. I'd really like to have my unit in good working order. Regards
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