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  1. FYI - I had everything from Wolrik a year ago.
  2. Dunno about Curb your enthusiasm - took me half hour to knock the app up in C# and it works like a charm. Saves messing with sonic stage.
  3. Exactly - however I wrote a little application that will change all the Artist and Album info on the MP3 ID tags in a directory automatically :-) You can pick your own Artist name - e.g. "Various" and your own album name etc Take but a few seconds now.
  4. mmmm well still doesn't really do it for me - I would never use it for a Media Storage/indexing app. OK it uses a database, but in all honesty that is a massive overkill for something that is achieved by storing the tracks in folders and displaying them in the app in the folder you import them in. If you import a CD then it would simply create a folder for it. The if you needed you could create playlists based on the files in the folder. The sonic stage system is messy and over complicated for such a simple premise. I found the easiest way was to knock up a little C# app to recode the ID3 tag (Album) for MP3's in a directory and the import it into Sonic Stage. So for compilation Albums of my own design I just copy all the relevant tracks into a directory and then run the app on that folder, it changes the ID3 tag for the album to the same for all tracks. Then in SS it appears as a single album. Works like a charm. thanks again
  5. 100 GB of ATRAC - whats that, about 11 tracks? :-P haha thanks I will have a play
  6. OK thanks, good tip about the file path - yeah a sonicstage is a bit limited - it's ok if you are working one or two albums but after that it's a mess, you certainly cannot use it as a library. Flac files - yeah my mistake, I do usually use Flac files with MPD server etc but have to use Flacsquisher to convert to MP3 (320 bitrate) for Sonic Stage. thanks again
  7. Hi, thanks - but it does exactly the same by album. e.g. if the folder contains tracks from different albums (various artists) then it splits them all over the place. thanks
  8. Sony shock absorbing technology discs - do they make a difference or is it just a marketing gimmick? thanks
  9. I am using Sonic Stage with a JE780 deck and all is good, however when you import flac files from a folder and the folder contains tracks from different albums, then the program splits the tracks into different albums rather than giving you a FOLDER view. Very annoying if you have folders with various artists from different albums. Anyone know a way round this? thanks
  10. Really? I have found it very quick in comparison to the MZ-N707. I did knock up a little starter app for sonicstage though - it sets the CPU priority to high on startup. This seems to help a lot to keep the USB focus on the app. Really pleased with the deck in general - it's like new.
  11. It's OK I think I solved it - bought a Sony JE780 deck
  12. Strangely enough I have a big heavy lump with lots of dials - the best type of dials as well (old ones). Do I need to knock up a little cable with a connecto on it to suit the player? Setting? 3v thanks Steve
  13. Anyway - I have done more testing and since removing the errant NetMDSB.exe*32 service i haven't had a single problem. I tested with a nearly depleted rechargable battery as well. You never know it may help someone.
  14. I really don't know about the 3v - 4.9v issue. I don't really understand why someone would call an AC adapter a 3v unit when it outputs 5v. I can understand that under load the voltage may drop, but why not just call it a 5v power supply if it outputs 5v? Lets look at the scenario that my sudo 3v power supply fails and I cannot find an original anywhere. I look in the manuals and it says the suppply is 3v 500ma. So knowing that generally regulated power supplies are better than unregulated I source a 3v 500ma AC Adapter. Great! But it is? The original was 5v and not 3v. What happens under load then? Will the new actual 3v power supply be enough? Conversely what becomes too much? a 3v power supply that outputs 6v...7v ....12v??? On The Raspberry PI they use a 5v regulated power supply and it outputs 5v, which seem fairly self explanatory. Using a higher voltage can damage the board. I would have thought that that on a 3v minidisc unit a 2v over supply would have damaged it?
  15. Would the voltage drop nearly 2v on such a small load?
  16. Just tested the 3v ac adapter and it actually puts out 4.94v !!!!
  17. Great info: The Service I was talking about was the MD Simple Burner Service (NetMDSB.exe*32) - NetUSB was a typo of sorts (automatic pilot, my brain saw USB). I found that it was indeed still running when I started SonicStage. I did install MD Simple Burner service separately though - I don't know if that has any affect on anything. While it's true SB doesn't run on Win64 - it appears the service for it still does and as you say I feel it may have been polling the USB. Detection was simply looking in the task manager to see if anything popped out at me and obviously NetMDSB.exe*32 did. To disable either go to Control Panel->Admin Tools->services, then stop and disable the service or from an administrator command prompt type "sc stop NetMDSB" and then to remove completely "sc delete NetMDSB" (both commands without the quotes). Regarding the rechargable vs Alkaline battery - a good time to clear something up. I have a rechargable in the unit because I am using the "charging stand". I didn't want to put an Alkaline battery in because the unit "auto charges". How does it it work? Can I have an Alkaline battery in the unit and have it in the charging stand? I've looked at the manual but can't find much about power supply + Alkaline batteries. I am also very interested in "Another fix is to carefully adjust the power supply" - could you embellish a little more on this please? Another interesting point that your post has raised is hat the AC adapter supplied with my MZ-N707 is only 500ma. This seems low and I can't )yet) find the part number for the original - this one is AC-ES305 ***** EDIT: Yes it is the right AC adapter. Although that helps making a USB power cord easy though. thanks again for the info Steve
  18. Thanks for the reply, I have a recharchable (new) and power supply was plugged in. However the battery wasnt fully charged when I did the first recording. I don't think that was the problem though. I re-recorded the same album when the battery was charged and it was the same. I then noticed that ther was a NetUSB service running from an installation of MD Simple Burner. I removed that and haven't had a problem since. So fingers crossed.... Thanks
  19. Deleted the conversion files in Sonic Stage and let them convert again and all seems fine now... strange?!?!?!?!
  20. Hi, I am recording/transfering albums to my MZ-N707 using Sonicstage 4.3 (full details below). However when I play them back there are skips or blank gaps in some of the songs. It's really annoying. What is the best way to transfer albums using NetMD? I have tried SP mode and LP2 mode - both are the same. Also tried different makes of MD (Sony, TDK etc) The tracks play fine in SonicStage though. I haven't tried direct 1 to 1 transfer yet, but that sort of defeats the point of having a NetMD recorder. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SonicStage : SonicStage Security Update Program : SonicStage Add-on : OpenMG Secure Module : MagicGate Memory Stick Device : Ez : NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P : OpenMG CD : M.S. PRO : CD Walkman : ATRAC Audio Device with Intelligent function : Hi-MD : Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 : ATRAC Audio Device : Net MD : CD-R Writing Module(Audio CD/ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) : Px Engine:
  21. Well, when using sonic stage, if you transfer tracks ONLY across the the netmd device then when you play them the tracks don't play. The device seems to be looking for a group header. If you transfer a whole album or playlist it automatically creates a group and everything is OK.I've looked at the manual and ccouldn't find the disable text.
  22. Just got my first NetMd capable minidisc MZN707. Is there any way to disable the group function capability? Thanks
  23. Hi, thanks for the reply - the BCA-WM25 charging stand does say Ni-MH on the bottom as well as Ni-Cd, but with the battery staying in the player for charging I didn't want to risk it without asking. - Thanks Steve
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