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  1. Hi sfbp, Your instructions were 100% OK and I was able to replace the belt with no problems using a special tool (the adapted paper clip). The only problem I had was when I re-assembled the player it didn't power up, it just remained on standby. Well I hummed and I hawed and pressed the power on button 100 times but the obstinate thing refused to power up. So once again I disassembled the player, jiggled the eject mechanism about a bit (think almost hitting with a hammer) and lo and behold it powered up and worked OK. I have a spare belt which should come in useful in about 10 to 15 years (if I'm still alive). I recently went into my attic a re-discovered a box of minidiscs about 500, mainly jazz albums, BBC Radio plays and other programmes. So a lot of listening ahead. So once again many thanks.
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