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  1. Thanks for your response. It may be worth buying the official belts if I could get them at a better price, which should be possible as I need a quantity. The best price I’ve seen currently is £5.99 each! Where did you get yours from and for how much? Are the originals O-rings or bands?
  2. Do you think this would be suitable? "3/8" inch Orthodontic Elastic Rubber Bands, 100 Pack, Natural, Heavy Force 4.5 oz, Small Rubberbands for making bows, Dreadlocks, Dreads, Doll.." From: https://www.amazon.com/Orthodontic-Elastic-Rubberbands-Dreadlocks-Horse/dp/B00OTA8K2C?th=1
  3. I have a lot of these machines all with the belts to replace. Rather than spend £5 a time on each one, and then more for stocking up for the future, I’d like to try buying a packet of the right sort of rubber bands (orthodontic?). What size are the actual belts new? (un-stretched / stretched?) Can anyone advise, please?
  4. I believe not using your MD machine causes the belt to fail prematurely. I had a hardly used machine which I put away and didn't use and the eject on this failed soon after I got it out whereas a regularly used, and worn, machine had no eject problems. Best to use your machines, say, once a week rather than put them into storage.
  5. Yes that's it BearBoy. The machine has the umph to push the disc out (and pull it in of course) it just can't lift the disc carrier up that little bit to line up with the slot in the front panel so that it can get out. When a disc is inserted the carrier drops down onto the reader table to be played.
  6. Hi freddyjollo Thanks for your reply. I had seen a video on YouTube previously about the replacement of this belt, but when I opened up the case of the deck to examine the fault I couldn't see how a belt could be responsible for tiping the carrier up so I decided to ask the question for some reassurance. Now you've given me that I'll get some belts and go back to that video. I'll take it carefully so as not to damage anything. After all I can still lift the carrier by hand if I need to get the disc out now.
  7. Hi MD users, Apologies if this information has been supplied elsewhere in the forum, I neeed so advice. I have two Mini Disc player/recorders: MDS JE480 and MDS JE770, both have a similar fascia design. Both these MD decks have ejection problems. The MDS JE480 is incapable of ejecting a MD at all even when inserting a cocktail stick through the front slot and assisting the disc to pop out. The MDS JE770 fails on eject intermittently and when it fails can be encouraged to disgorge the disc by easing it out through the front slot during ‘eject’ mode. Of the two decks the JE770 mechanism sounds like it has the most wear. Inside both the mechanical disc carriers / readers seem identical. During mechanical operation with the loading of a disc, once fully inserted the MD carrier lowers down onto the bed of the reader through the action of a metal bar which is pivoted near the front of the machine. For the MD to eject this pivoted bar has to raise the carrier up in line with the slot in the front panel. It is failing to do this that stops the MD from being ejected. You can tell this is so by turning the bar about the pivot, lifting it at the back following the activation of ‘eject mode’, whence the disc ejects easily. Footnote. It isn’t a lack of push from the disc carrier that forces the bar, and hence carrier, into alignment. It’s lack of lift at the bar and so on the carrier. I can’t see from a direct examination of the playing mechanism how this bar pivots upwards to lift the carrier into alignment so more information would be welcomed. I didn’t want to take the mechanical carrier off the deck without getting some advice about what I was doing first.
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