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  1. Good day to everyone . I have a Sony Ja20es . The deck is writing and playing very good but It has a serious problem: it cannot reach the end of the disk. I explain: if I put 74min disk I have 71 min for recording and with a 80min only 76. The problem is not caused by disk full message but because the laser pickup when reaching the far right outside of it's track doesn't stop as it should, but it hits towards the metal frame of the mechanism. On the other hand when it returns to the pit far left , no problem at all it stops where it should. I red the iop at the bottom of the laser (it can be seen from the side ) and it says 968.1 and 56.4. Can those be right ??? Please it drives me crazy and that deck means a lot to me ( it was a present of my recently lost mom) Help me please More over can some tell me what pickup use a JA3ES ? Video of the problem
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