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  1. Dear All, I am after a storage rock, but an upright one. Dad found this cute little blue one, but I am struggling finding anything small and unobtrusive. Some are crazy prices! Any thought? Also after possible md unit with hi fi kind of display light, not exactly backlit. Hard to explain.
  2. Thank you. It was attractive partly cuz it has a backlight. There are a few with hi fi kind of lighting, are there not?
  3. Dear All, Thank you to those who pointed me a good direction for a minidisc with a back light. I went for a MZ-S1 which I could only find in the states. It looked in good condition from what I could see, the whole lost (including post costs and import tax,) was £66. Not sure how good that is, but there were some places it was going for over the 100 mark.
  4. It would very much so, but I can't afford It! Looks v nice.
  5. Hello All, many thanks for your replies. What I meant was I first got a Md unit in 1998 so that' when I got hooked. Are the one with the kindle type display good in the dark? I was looking at the S1 but it only seems to be avaliable in the US to get nowadays. Dunno maybe I'm wrong there. Is there anyway I can defrenciate the ones with he kindle backlight from normal ones without anything on the unit. My song MZ R55 had a light on the remote but no kindle technology on unit. Once again, thank you for all your replies. Matthew
  6. Dear All, Hi I am new to all This, however I have loved minidiscs since 1998. My portable units have all broken at the moment. I always remembered them with backlights, but all the reviews say otherwise. I had a Sony R55 and I think the R900 and a basic sharp one too. I have looked everywhere to find a portable unit with a backlit screen. Does anyone have any ideas, Sony or Sharp would be preferable. Many many thanks, Matthew
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