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    Otiasj, thanks for that. I have installed a cut down version of winamp on the sony and am running that to transfer mp3s from/to home and work computers. So far .. so good. Also checked it on a computer I had never used before that did not have winamp installed, and it worked fine. I really appreciate the work you have put into this. It really makes the device usable. Regards, Michael
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    Thanks for the response .. that makes sense. I had forgotted about the log file. What I did in the meantime was try and transfer some files using mp3 file manager. It did it, but showed the album name as garbled characters. I then downloaded a new copy of the file manager, reformatted the hd, loaded it and started again. It all seems to be working fine. Does ml_sony use file manager with the hd5 ? Could a corrupt fm have caused the problem?
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    I spoke too soon. Am having problems when transferring files. The files transfer ok, but then winamp crashes during the database update. The player then shows only those files updated on database before the crash. Seems to only happen when transferring with large numbers of tracks. Has been fine when uploading an album (say 10-20 tracks at a time. The last time it crashed was when attempting to upload 230 tracks. Is there a limit to number of tracks per upload? Or is is because there is a track within that batch that causes it? I am using xp, winamp 5.35 and and nw-hd5. Any comments greatly appreciated.
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    Just tested the new version with my nw-hd5 and my Windows XP computers at work and home. It seems to be working very well. I had it working at work, then took it home and there was a problem with the hd5 after disconnecting .. it corrupted when updating the database. Just to be sure, I reinstalled winamp 5.35 from the same file as used for work, uninstalled the plug-in and reinstated it. No problems .. after testing a few tracks, added about 200 in one hit and it coped without any glitches. it worked fine, and now am back at work and have just added/deleted files without problem. Well done. Being able to nominate a directory for downloads is a small but extremely useful upgrade. I love my hd5, and now with this plugin and no sonicstage, I am a very happy man. Thanks again.
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    Portable Winamp

    I went though the procedures and got one track downloaded into the hd5 and playable, but from then on winamp kept crashing. Any clues?
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