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  1. Hi All, I am new on here, but I recently took the plunge and replaced my ageing MZ-R909 Minidisc recorder with a shiny NW-HD3. I have been a fan of ATRAC since getting the original Minidisc recorder, and the only reason I have moved on is carrying so many minidisc discs around. I travel on the London tube, and it's a pain having to get another disc out, get the player out, swap discs and then put it all away again. Having spent hundreds of hours listening to music recorded in ATRAC3 / LP2 format, and temporarily being seduced by the Apple marketing machine, I realised that the ATRAC format sounded way better than MP3/MP4! Therefore, moving to the NW-HD3 seemed a no-brainer, I could still transfer all my music to the player in ATRAC 3 format, and could even up the bit rate, seemed ideal. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am so so disappointed with the sound quality and volume of the NW-HD3. The first thing I did with the volume was to enter the service mode, and check to see if the Sound Pressure setting was on, and it was already off! I use three pairs of headphones, a cheapish pair of JVC Marshmallow in ears, Sony EX71's and a pair of PX100's. All three of these headphones produce quite a quiet sound with the NW-HD3. Secondly, I just cannot seem to get the sound right. With the MD it was easy, I could adjust the bass and treble, and this just seemed to work well. Now on the NW-HD3 no EQ sounds dull, VR is ok for some music, but for Classical it is awful. The standard EQ seems to make everything sound hard when the treble is boosted (How I like it), and the DSP introduces a lot of hiss into the sound. My entire library is encoded in WMA, at 192k/s and these sound great on the PC. I have tried encoding to ATRAC3 LP2 (approx 100k/s), 105k/s, 192k/s, 256k/s. None of these seem to make any difference. I have tried encoding in MP3, and whilst I can add gain, MP3's cannot be EQ'd on the NW-HD3 so they are louder but tonally awful. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so disappointed with the sound from the NW-HD3 that I am contemplating selling and getting a Zune!!!! I am at the end of the road. I appreciate that sound quality is subjective, but if anyone can offer any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Mark.
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