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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Panasonics? I bought a pair a couple of months ago. Since I hadn't tried canal phones until that moment I was more than surprised at the sound and I loved them. And all for just $20! However I lost my favorite silicon plugs and now they stay im my ear uncofortably and there is no way of ordering spare plugs. Besides that the cord seemes too fragile to hold on for any more than another couple of months. So I am wondering if it is worth buying a new pair or should I try some canal Sony-s for under 40$. Thanks for sharing your opinions
  2. Thanks! But I was just interested in the feauters...As long as the sound quality is the same I don't care about the processor...
  3. Perhaps the problem is not in the OLED technology itself but somewhere on the board... Btw exept for the memory and color are there any other differences between the A608 and the E50x?
  4. I don't see what's the big deal about taking off the case...Good joke there though
  5. Hi again everybody... Ever since buying my e407, after coming across several publications about the short lifespan of OLED-technology displays, I kinda freaked out and kept watching my display expecting it to turn green or something So I wonder when and if it is going to screw up... I ask all you who have had OLED display players for a long time to share your experience with these displays... Thanks
  6. As long as you are not putting any music on it during the power outage it is ok....You dont need to "Safely remove hardware" to pull it out (unlike the iPODs)....If the power shuts down during the moment you are uploading tracks, you will need to reset it or in some cases format it...Nonetheless you can't damage the player itself.
  7. That's an idea...Guess I can try that...Hope it works
  8. A very big part of my music are DJ mixes, which are at least 1 hour long each. Because of Sony's feally fast fast forward I always have to split the big files into several smaller. I hate to do it every time I want to put them in my NW. So I am wondering if there is a way to accelerate the FF rate. Pls help..
  9. Besides you should check the Hz of your MP3s, because it will play files only @ 44100Hz.
  10. Soooo that probably means that 48000HZ are also incompatible cos I tried some mp3s@48000Hz and none could play...Sony is really starting to dissapoint me
  11. chupacabra314


    Try to convert the mp4s directly into mp3. There are tons of freeware for the purpose. Then u can use the MP3 file manager or SonicStage to imprort them into the walkman.
  12. You need the 2.0 version of the file manager for the e407. The older versions are made for other models. As for the MP3s - I sometimes get the <CANNOT PLAY> messege for some MP3s but that happens only with several files. Try to convert the MP3's to a higher bitrate. That usually works for me....Or you will have to use SonicStage...Didn't have any problems with it so far.
  13. I have read from many sources that ATRAC3plus @ 64kbps has the same sound quality as MP3 @ 128kbps. So I assumed that @192 kbps the ATRAC2plus will sound much better than MP3 @ 192kbps(which is the average bitrate of my mp3 collection). So I coverted all of my collection into ATRAC3plus directrly from MP3. But now as I listen to the same file in the two formats with same bitrates I don't seem to notice any difference even with a high-end earphones. Is it just me? My questions are: 1. Does Atrac3plus 192kbps sound better than MP3 @192 if ripped directly from a CD? 2. And does it sound better if converted from the original MP3 file?
  14. None of the links here appear to be valid anymore so can anybody post a link to at least some of these icons. Thanks!
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