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  1. so...heat gun on plastic MD ? really ? :\
  2. Hi ! I finally have some time to give some news. For your idea reminiz, the problem is that those are for white objets only. This would need a special kind of printing like decals with white available in the printer also. I know some factories that do exactly that, but it's expensive. Sfbp, I understand your fear, but it doesn't seems to be a problem. I haven't really manipulated them enough to be sure of it. I'll go back to it, do some more and make sure it stays ok over time & handling, and if everything's fine, i'll post some detailed steps on how to get them like this, along with a photoshop template if anybody's interested.
  3. Hi & thanks for your answer & the links, (i'm french btw ) I since gone ahead and made the template. Here are my first tests, if anyone is interested in getting the template i made for those sticker prints, or even need some details, a tutorial on this, please message me and i'll be happy to do a real post for this as there's a thing or two that are a bit tricky to get this done, but nothing really complicated. To use the template, you'll need photoshop and some basic skills on it. I can explain the whole process as i said. I'll try to post some better quality pictures soon as those don't really do justice to the results, you can see there are a few bubbles here & there on some but those are my first attempts so...
  4. Hi there ! I'm looking for a template (ideally a photoshop PSD file) for a full face label like the one you see in this video... Anyone has this here ? I could ask the guy from the video but first i'm not that much into typing my email in a youtube comment, second i don't know if he's around to answer to it... BTW, i'm planning to print a really full faced sticker label, unlike his that has this hole for the sliding piece. Thanks if anybody can help...!
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