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  1. hi again, after giving it sometime i solved it changing de usb cable since i bought it without the original lol Anyways thank you for the thread!
  2. Hi, i created an account just to ask for help since i dont know where else can i get some I recently bought a minidisc MZ n710 that sounds great, but i cannot make windows 10 pro 64bits recognize the USB driver, it doesnt appear anywhere when i connect it I tried installing the driver NETMD760 and NETMDRH1disabling the driver signature enforcement and nothing happen, it says that the instalation was a success but still doesnt show the NetMD on the Device Manager so i cannot transfer anithing :/ I dont know what im doing wrong, or even if its possible to connect this MD model to Windows 10, but i cant get the MD driver show as installed, i dont know if someone knows something im missing :/
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