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  1. to sfbp: so for the decks with optical output, can I copy from a minidisc into another device, as in a computer ? when you mention the sound cards and their frequency tolerance, is that only in terms of signal going from the card to the player, or is that true in both directions ? what is the name of the analog metal connector you mention, and from what port would that be coming on the other side of that cable ? if the portable is expecting optical signal, what is the point of providing analog signal ? to PhillippeC: are you saying that digital signal can be recorded from the player to a computer ?
  2. I need a clear understanding of TOSLink as it relates to minidisc, specifically the MZ-NF610 and MZ-NHF800. The TOSLink cable I own has two ends, one with a male/bayonet connector, and the other with a square connector. My first question is whether this is a uni or bidirectional cable. The answer to that should resolve my second question, which is whether the female ports on both of the minidisc units mentioned above are i/o or input only. My third question is which pc sound card has a native (not requiring an adapter) TOSLink port. My final question is whether using an SPDIF/coax connector changes the data from digital to analog. All wisdom gratefully accepted.
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