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    Vaio Pocket Mods?

    Well, I've been thinking. I got my Vaio Pocket a long time ago, and I wanted one ever since they first showed up on the SonyStyle site, but due to its abandonment, something that had a lot of potential was cut short. I'm wondering why no one yet has at least done some sort of mod or hack into the Vaio Pocket and perhaps produce some of the features people have been wanting. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with the skill. Like something nice would be a hack into the .skn files at the very least so we can customize our own skins. Also perhaps some Firmware hacks so Chinese and Korean Language can be fully supported. The thing is basically a portable computer hard-drive for christ-sakes. With the know-how, you could pretty much do anything with it. I guess I must sound pretty egotistical, since I'm saying all this and I really can't offer anything, but I plead with anyone who loves the VGF-AP1L as much as I do, and who has the skill to do such things, if you share this stuff, we would love you forEVER. <3
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