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  1. Im not actually japanese, I just bought an auction with a bunch of japanese discs.
  2. Because I feel the tracks sould be in their original kanji characters.
  3. So I know this is an odd request but I bought a bunch of minidiscs from japan and I was going to label all of them with their tracknames as the previous owner didnt name anything. I have a ux-Q1 in my room that I could use to name every track without being able to copy and paste things but in not knowing kanji and also knowing the long and strenuous process I think since its around 10 discs Id much rather use sonicstage. Unfourtonately I need to get japanese sonicstage in order to do this but unfourtonately this is going to be hard as the discs cost 9$+ on zenmarket (including the crazy expensive shipping) and the installers I can download using web.archive.org require a server with the files which unfourtonately are not available as of 2013. I dont really mind having a copy of sonicstage which I can read as I already have an english copy on one computer. I dont really mind which version of sonicstage it is but if someone has a ripped iso of japanese sonicstage or an offline installer they can provide thatd be awesome. Im aware of the fact I gotta modify the ini file but the only thing on my mind about this currently is finding a copy online. Again any help would be awesome, Thomas
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