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  1. I love minidisc, and still use it every day. If Sony decided to do another Hi-MD player, I would buy it tomorrow. Sadly, I know that will never happen. But I can dream. I don't use it to make some sort of retro pretentious fashion statement or anything. I use it because it suits my needs. I don't think of it as a 'dead' format like some do, getting all reminiscent. I use it like I always have. There's been no 'gap.' It suits my needs because the sound quality is very high, and the longevity of the players and discs is also very high. And you can use AA batteries. I know I'll never run out of battery, or accidentally smash a disc, or a player. And I still have players that will last decades. So why bother moving all my music to PC and mp3 players. Apart from anything, the conversion from ATRAC to MP3 would harm the quality. So I stick with it, and probably always will. I don't need a tiny mp3 player with a proprietary rechargeable battery that will make me lose all my music if it breaks, which it probably will quickly, and sound like junk unless I spend hundereds of pounds and don't use mp2.
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