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  1. Many thanks sfpb - had it put aside, but now I can get going again and I guess I'll still give Win10 a try to get it to work. Else I need to go with KeesNL and utilize WinXP somehow. Both much appreciated!
  2. Hello all, i have recently bought a Sony MDS-PC2 with the connection kit PCLK-MD2 (CAV-50C, see here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_PCLK-MD1+MD2.html). But there's the CD missing which contains the MD Editor 2 software. Now I have searched the internet everywhere for this software (and others) to be able to edit the titles on minidiscs using this Sony and a computer - but to no avail. is there anybody that can help? Many thanks in advance! Sander.
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