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  1. OK ........... So what do you suggest ... ???? I can take more photos inside or i can take photos of the service menues or i could take it to the tip !!!
  2. Hi Kevin Thanks - yes i agree the new laser is 56.3 on the sticker so needs more power than the old one - and would you agree that you cannot see a potentiometer on the board - I can take more pics - and if it isnt there then the power must be adjustable with on screen menues which perhaps i can adjust bit by bit - if i can find it ... ?
  3. I think the laser power is 55.8 mA not 53.8mA -or have i read it wrong ? I enclose 2 pictures of the front board and i cannot see a potentiometer on it - or do i have to remove the board to see the other side ?
  4. Thanks Kevin - I will try later - .... I take it that a new laser will not read discs if it is overpowered or underpowered - it has to be just right ?
  5. This is a manuel for 1997 md 500 - mine is circa 2000 and not all the buttons and commands are exactly the same - but i have worked out some of the ones which are different. For example to enter service mode you need to hold the 'play' button and plug in at the same time - NOT hold power button and plug in as stated in the manuel.
  6. OK - i have taken the cover off and the disc spins and displays 'reading' The laser does not appear to move much - I can hear it move once and then it ejects the disc after about 30 seconds. This is what the original laser did before i replaced it. ...... Hi Kevin, first picture is of new laser fitted to drive unit and last 2 pictures are of original laser If i try to perform an Iop write or read what is that called in the manuel ? Teac-MD-H500-Service-Manual.pdf
  7. OK thank you - I shall try a more specialised shop. Is there an easy way to make sure the laser is at least working before i take it to be adjusted - just in case i have damaged it ?
  8. Thank you for looking at my pictures - The laser was only about $14 so it may be worth trying myself but to be honest i think it is a little beyond my ability - i'm really not sure where to start. Perhaps i can take it to currys or PC world and ask if they are prepared just to do the adjusting and see how much they would charge. If it is too much perhaps then i will have a go. It is a shame really because i enjoy doing this kind of thing and apart from the time i have already spent on it i wanted to do it all myself - also whenever any one else repairs something it always seems to come back with scratches on it ! I will read the manuel and see if i can make sense of it for personnel satisfaction - Im just not sure about working out the laser power - however i do understand that you need more power to write than to read - obviously because your heating up the disc - when i have more time - perhaps at the weekend - i will look through the manuel and if there is anything i cant understand perhaps you can clarify for me - If you have any more tips on how to start that would be great ! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me it is much appreciated.
  9. Sure, no problem - try these ..... Last 2 pictures are of the original laser..
  10. This is the original pick up IMG_3704.HEIC IMG_3705.HEIC
  11. OK - i have disassembled the drive again and taken some photos (i'm really getting to like these rubber gloves !) and I know how to get into the service mode - so what to do next - i cant find any other teac manuels at the moment but as you say, i probably need to look for a sony one. I have included a picture of the original laser too so perhaps you can compare and tell me if there is a big difference between the 2. I do understand a little about electronics and i am quite good at fixing some electrical units - changing iphone screens and i have just fixed my other sony minidisc which kept trying to eject the disc even when there wasn't one inside etc.. but some of the terminology in this service manuel is difficult for me to understand and i'm not sure on the next stage ..... please look at the photos and tell me what you think ! IMG_3698.HEIC IMG_3699.HEIC IMG_3700.HEIC IMG_3701.HEIC IMG_3703.HEIC IMG_3695.HEIC IMG_3696.HEIC
  12. Thank you I will look later and see if there are any numbers or markings on any of the chasis to identify it - and send pictures. - it took me ages to find that manuel but i will have another check - i saw someone else who had looked and they did not appear to have found even the one i have.
  13. Thats great, thank you - i will open it again later and try. I have a 1997 MD H500 serrvice manuel but it uses a different 210a pickup for that earlier model i guess the 260A/B is a newer laser. It also describes how to get into the service mode (plug in while holding play button then move jog dial to enter Mode) there is a LDPWR mode so i guess i need to check the number on the pick up and enter the value there - it had (0.9mw)$14 for the original ...
  14. So have i wasted my time by removing the solder bridge and replacing the laser which i did so carefully using rubber surgical gloves - i think i know the inside and where the screws and ribbon cables all go so well i could now do it in about 10 minuites ! Is there anything I can do to check even if the new laser is working properly before i take it somewhere to align it properly. It is a shame because i really wanted to do it all myself for personnel satisfaction that i could fix it more than actually wanting it to work. However it is part of the system and looks so good.
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