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  1. Anyone got any ideas of what I can test, or is there any more information I can provide? I'd really like to get this player working if possible.
  2. If your computer's sound card has a line-in, you can just connect the line out jack, or headphone jack if that player doesn't have a line out, and record using audacity. Since it's voice recordings, I don't think the drop in quality from doing it all analog will be significant enough to cause an issue.
  3. Hi all, Just recently picked up an MZ-R2. When you put a disc in any press play or stop, it makes a short motor noise but does nothing else. However when activating test mode all the systems seem to be working OK. The display comes on, the motor moves, power supply is good, etc. I thought it might be the door sensor. I disassembled the lid and managed to find the door switch - neither activating the switch nor bridging the traces coming out of it with a pair of tweezers had any effect. Does anyone have any other suggestions of what might be at fault? Many thanks
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