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  1. Thanks for everyone's help. Great blog this! Nice to know you're all here. Using these old relics is like walking the high wire without a net sometimes. Especially when your "living" depends on it. Jack
  2. Yes, I don't rack mount that one (PRO). I carry it in a laptop-sized zipper case, made of rugged 600-Denier material, the interior is lined with foam padding. I can operate it without taking it out of the case too, which is a plus. It's my travel MDS. The other one is rack mounted and is my home use only unit.
  3. Could be special. I also noticed the "Pro" E12 has four small rubber feet underneath that the other E12 doesn't have. i've owned these for years, both purchased new, about a year apart. Never noticed these differences before.
  4. Well, I fixed it! I took it apart again to see what I could see. The slider mechanism was all the way back in what was apparently, the disc-loaded position. I slid it completely forward and powered up the MDS and it initialized, then went to "No Disc". I loaded a disc and it grabbed and loaded it. Ejected normally too. All is well. Thanks for your help. Still don't know why two identical MDS-E12's flash different names on startup though. ('MDS-E12" and "MDS-E12 PRO")
  5. Sorry about that. I thought it was another topic. I'll be more careful. About the "initializing", my other MDS-E12 (I have two) does that also, if not plugged in for an extended period. On first power up, it flashes "MDS-E12 PRO" then "initializing", then "No Disc". After that first power up, it skips the initializing on subsequent power ups. BTW, I just noticed that the unit I'm having the problem with flashes "MDS-E12" on power up, not "MDS-E12 PRO". They are identical units. Could that be a clue to what's happening with it?
  6. I posted this a few hours ago but it got removed somehow. Don't know why. I replaced the drive belt because the unit wasn't ejecting. After replacement, I powered it up and the unit did its usual "initializing". Then it immediately went into "TOC reading, followed by "Read Error", followed by "Welcome!", and repeated the same three messages, all without loading a disc. What's happening? Is the slider in the wrong place? It seems like the unit thinks there's a disc inside, but there isn't. Please help me out here. Thanks!
  7. I just replaced the drive belt in my MDS-E12 in a few minutes. (Thanks to the Youtube videos and even a Russian video link posted on this forum) But I have another problem now. When I powered the MDS up the screen did it's usual "initializing", then said "TOC reading"..."Read Error"..."Welcome!"..."TOC reading"..."Read Error"..."Welcome!", etc., etc.. It seems to think there's still a disc in the drive. I push eject but it just repeats the same messages. Did I forget something in my installation of the belt? Is the slider not in the correct position or something?
  8. Hi all, I know a similar subject has been covered here about replacing the belt. I'm sure that's what I need to do too. The problem is I can't get at the belt because the disc is stuck inside the drive. All the videos I've seen (including the Russian one) show a drive that's empty. Can anyone please advise me on how to remove the disc? Thanks!
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