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  1. Hi everyone, i'm selling those two damaged headphones. They both are working just fine. I'm adding images of the items, and the parts where they are damaged. I insist on the fact that they both work, meaning you can listen to music with them, but they need to be repaired (glued or whatever) to get full experience of them I guess there's a proper way to fix them though i'not a manual guy. Also, both products were bought in japan via sonystyle when a friend of mine was in japan so warranty won't cover the damages... That's why i have to loose them. I believe you know those headphones are just great, indeed i guess that if you came down to this forum you've probably heard they are worthy. just in case you wouldn't : mdr-nc500d mdr-sa1000 Both are shipped in original case with full accessories. (do not hesitate do ask for a list of the accessories) Here goes for the prices : mdr-sa1000 : 40€ out post mdr-nc500d : 50€ out post Both shipping prices will depend on where you live. Do not hesitate to make offers (fair ones, i wont just give them) Feel free to ask anything, including more photos, etc...
  2. Hi everyone, before i take my chance on selling those on Ebay, i wanted to give you the opportunity to buy those two headphones : MDR-SA1000 : Max. Power Handling 1500 Driver Unit Size 50 mm Frequency Respons 8 Hz - 80000 kHz Impedance 70 ohm Sensitivity 100 dB Plug Type 3.5 mm Plug Material Gold Cable Length 11.48 ft. price 90€ (+shipping) MDR-D333 :Frequency (Hz) 12-24,000 Sensitivity (dB/mW) 102.0 Magnet Neodymium (300kJ/m3) Impedance(Ohm) 24.0 Cord type OFC retractable Cord length (m) 1.2 PlugStraight stereo mini plug (Gold) Weight (g) 136.0 price : 40€ (+shipping) For a pictorial review, check this adress : http://picasaweb.google.fr/vibnepsa/MDRSA1000MDRD333
  3. as i know sony ericsson release their different mobiles depending on location, look at european's new releases: P990 : the smartphone M600i : another smartphone http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=fr&...1&pid=10385 K800i : the cybershot 3.2Mpixel http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=fr&...1&pid=10407 W950i : the walkman phone http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=fr&...1&pid=10391
  4. Hi there, i'm currently listenting to that great japanese band: RIP SLYME . the band is componed of 4 MC's and one DJ. they rap over groovy, melodic, sunny beats. this album fits the summer, pools, colktails... listening at this band makes me feel happier. the album: GOOD JOB! 1. STEPPER'S DELIGHT 2. 雑念エンタテインメント 3. One 4. FUNKASTIC 5. 楽園ベイベー 6. Tokyo Classic 7. BLUE BE-BOP 8. JOINT 9. HOTTER THAN JULY 10. Dandelion 11. GALAXY 12. 黄昏サラウンド 13. マタ逢ウ日マデ 14. UNDER THE SUN 15. MORE & MORE
  5. nepsa

    No more NW-A3000B?

    Hi everyone, from now one month i have tried to get a nwa3000B on UK sites. after 15 days of intensive searches i thought i had found it... i even virtually bought it (they took my money and made me believe for 15 days everything was OK...) Finally after a month, i received this: becky to me More options Aug 7 (3 days ago) Dear nepsa I am extremely sorry for the delay in replying to yourself we have been struggling to get an answer from Sony. They have called me back today and I am afraid Sony has discontinued the line. The new product will be launched In October the only alternative Sony has is an NW-A1200B which I am afraid is only 8GB or an alternative color. Once again I apologies for the delay and I look forward to your reply. This mail leads me to the following question: Has anyone heard about those pretended new mp3 players?
  6. have recently tried loco roco.... so refreshing, original gameplay (just playing with L, R, O... and the square one two)addictive music...special thanks to SCEJ. On the last sunday i played a few rounds on tekken dark resurrection... just like Tekken 5 on PS2 amazing . This week end i will try the very famous valkyrie profile: lenneth , which obviously will be as great as it was previously on PSOne. Does ANYONE posess a PSP 1.5 ?? My favourite one is to come : Final Fantasy VII: crisis core
  7. thanks for the answers... can't wait any longer! i'm on a by it
  8. hi all i want to buy a NWA3000B (B stands for black) could you let me know where you bought yours... thanks!
  9. seems you're right, ... it can't read mp3, too bad,.... thanks for the answer
  10. hi every one i'm looking for this mp3/mpeg2 device. i overlooked the net in order to puchase it, but can't find any places at all... if someone could give me a hand... Thanks http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/vaio/acc/acc.cfm?pd=15849 here's the add where you can find pictures
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