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  1. Hi. After a while of file analysys : About 03GINF01.DAT format is similar to 04CNTINF.DAT one : 04CNTINF.DAT (for each track) format was (and is !!) TIT2, Track Title TPE1, Artist Name TALB, Album Title TCON, Gender TSOP, ? 03GINFxx.DAT (for each album) TIT2, Album Title TPE1, Artist Name TCON, Gender TSOP, ? PICP, Main Picture P0 (path + file name) PIC0, Tiny pictures (path + file name) "; separated" Notes : - I linked my picture under sonic stage, and even for my HD5, every pictures are copied and present on my HD5 hard drive. - Pictures are Linked for album only. I don't know where it is stored for pictures linked with tracks. - An additional number is provided is PICP entry (with the file name) Don't know its meaning. It should not be that hard to include picture display now, just add a ReadAlbums_(string sourceFilename) method to your GYM object. I did a little test program based on your code, just for check, it works nice, file stored are jpg, so you can even directly use the Load method from the pictureBox object in C#. But don't have enough time to make release version. Sorry. Okay, you still need sonic stage to use this feature, but some ATRAC device user with display will love to retrieve their sleeves... i'm in touch with vovo, he said he'll be looking at this pretty soon. have a nice day
  2. 1.2, splash is still 1.1... thanks for all your work !!! Et merci à Vovo pour sa contibution... - Sorry, thank to Vovo for his add on -
  3. Thanks for the hard work vovo and xispe... I think there's no hurry for going CVS yet. But sorry xispe, it will be up to you to merge all valuable contributors updates And please stay on .net 1.1 for instance. And please no skinz, vizualizerz or other funny-useless kind of thing. keep cloning itunes in mind
  4. We need a new generation NW for that and as far a as i know, none of us bought one of them. Sorry. One day maybe, if xispe gives a paypal donation link, you'll be able to contribute xispe buy a brand new A1000... And relax, GYM is quite young...
  5. it's worth it, it's just made once, even for 5 min. Once done, you save it like the encodekey and decodekeys and load it with your own format (database ?) Just by waiting for a more efficient way...
  6. It would be great if we could contribute to this software... as vovo and me seem to have some skills... i'm trying to solve link between jpg and OMA files...
  7. What about sourceforge contibution, mate ? http://sourceforge.net/projects/gym is still empty
  8. <french mode> Mais but alors you are french ? Tu as regardé pour le framework .net ? </french mode> Maybe you should look after installing .net framework... Usually it solves this kind of errors Bye
  9. What did i found going back home ? those 2 files leaving in the root directory where i extracted 1.1a version... I have copied everything from archive 1.1a but the essential. Would you ever pardon me ? Its now working like a charm thanks for all Sorry i dont have unicode encoding for my id tag, I can't test it.
  10. I just download again 1.1a I'm here @ work, and now it works fine. I apologize, i'm sorry to make you loose precious time because of my absent-mindedness I'll just compare tonigth with what i tried this morning ? 1.1 link ? maybe. In all case sorry.
  11. Just a matter of habit... For french we have our beloved one forum.
  12. Yes i think it's sould be same with all ASCII char before 30h. For easier use en visibility, i think (All Artists) must be the first entry of the list. Alphabetical orderered Artists should only appear after it. Nothing should be above "All Artists"
  13. yep see those pics And of course there arae absolutely not 188 album of !K7 DJ Kicks As vovo said, context menu would improve the software...
  14. Is it me or the !K7 bug is still alive ? 1. When i choose "!K7 Dj kicks" entry in Artists list, in the Albums column, the matching albums are : (All xx albums) and all the complete album list as entries 2. When i choose "(All xxx Artists)", the only entry is "(All 0 Albums)" ? And also thanks for your quick fixes !!
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