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    music and running, sometimes very long ie ultramarathon distances


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    Sharp MD MT290H
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    binaurel mics bought from online store the Sound Professionals (name might be wrong) in NJ USA

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  1. Maybe I should already know the answer to this but if someone can confirm, that would be great. Does the Sharp MODEL MD-MT99H provide for playback for discs recorded at the slower lower resolution mode(s)? The manual I found online seems to indicate the answer is yes. I'm looking for a replacement MD for the MT-290H I have which no longer works. I really (mostly) want to be able to play back discs I had recorded (at lower res) on the MT290H. Thank you
  2. So I've checked out eBay the last couple days. There are a couple of Sharp units currently on auction. What's not clear to me is whether any of these units will play back in LP2 or LP4. One unit says it can record monaurally but doesn't say anything about those other recording modes. Frustrating trying to discern whether a givenm model has LP2/LP4 playback capability.
  3. Thank you for that suggestion. A deck is fine as long as it plays back LP2/LP4. I'll need to make sure of that.
  4. Yes it has a clamshell design. It does seem by feel to be closing properly. I don't seem to be able to find it now but I did find an archive that had the owners manual which did not mention an error message of "open". thanks to all for replies
  5. Hi New to the forum and was a little confused about whether Sharp MDs are welcome or part of this forum. I have a SHARP MD-MT-290. It powers up but when I put in a disc it says 'open' on the display. I don't see anything in the manual that explains what that means. Would be happy to attempt repair if i had a little knowledge about what to do. Alternatively, I would consider getting a professional repair assuming the cost estimate was reasonable. I have a collection of recorded discs, many of vocal/voice lessons, that were recorded at LP2 or LP4. They will not play on the home audio Sony player I was recently gifted. I would very much like to be able to recover the recordings that I had made. Open to suggestions. I'm aware I could probably buy a used Sharp recorder/player on eBay if it comes to that. Perhaps that ultimately would be what makes the most sense.
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