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  1. Well thanks to both you guys! I’ll be honest BB I’d already found those two, the one that seemed the cheapest added another £7 for postage, so not much advantage. I’ve now taken a chance with this one: http://www.e-batteries.co.uk/digital_camera_battery/kyocera/pdr-bt9.htm# and I will of course report back once I’ve got it, but the way the post is at the moment it won’t be quick. Max
  2. Hi all you nuts! Just acquired a very nice Sharp 722 in virtually new condition, including it’s remote (very minor marks) plus pouch and instruction manual. Also included was a power supply with Australian plug (!?) and the original dead battery. These batteries are very attractive and well worth owning, but not a lot of good if they’re dead. How do other members overcome this problem please, or should I more accurately say which suppliers do you use please? Max p.s. I forgot to say that I found another Sharp U.K. power supply I had, and confirmed the unit works great! p.p.s. Just realised this is a Sony forum, and I’m a Sharp man
  3. Thanks to all for further replies. The beastie hasn’t arrived yet, and the way the postage is here in the UK at the moment I don’t really expect it until next week - I’ll update as and when. I have to say I still find it odd that there’s absolutely no info about this particular model on the net, well not using DuckDuckGo as I do.
  4. Well thanks for the help anyway. As soon as this arrives (and if it works!) I’ll post some more. In the meantime I’m getting to grips with an HHB MDP500 that arrived this morning after a week in transit, the seller having paid extra for 48 hour delivery! Max
  5. Hi all This is my first post. I’ve just (literally) bought a Sharp MD-SR40H on the bay. I can find no information about this beastie either on here or elsewhere. It appears to be similar to the SR50 but apart from that nothing. I found a few recordings on Freesound, but that’s all. Any info at all would be very much appreciated. Max
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