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  1. Hey Everyone. Purchased the NH600D Mini disc and it will not power up. I have the schematic and Did some basic metering with my Voltmeter. The unit does draw some trickle current when the front buttons are pressed. Any Ideas where to start? This Circuitry seems above my skill level as far as changing Surface mount Components, But I can try. Thanks
  2. Thank you for that reply. I'm not sure I have the parts to do what you did nor the skill. My hope was that Sony still sold replacement parts for these devices and they were still available. I guess that probably isn't the case, so therefore we have to do the hack to get this old stuff to work again. I will eventually attempt your guidance instructions and see how that goes. Thanks again. larry
  3. Hi My N707 played the first time I received it (Ebay). It played and recorded for about 2 hours. When I tried to play it again it wouldn't turn on. Tried new battery and power cord and still nothing. Opened it up and did some basic Voltage Checks. Nothing unusual, but this is beyond my knowledge. Something warms up or charges and the player wont play until it sits for a few days. Then it turns on briefly. Does anyone have any insight as to what I need to look at. I have a good set of disgnostic electronic testers and tools, (O=Scopes, Capacitor testors, DVM's etc). Thanks Larry
  4. Hi, I bought a R909 to use as a spare and it will not record and playback is slow in starting up. I opened it and found that the Ribbon cable to the magneto head has snapped at the bend. I purchased a R900 for parts and it has the same exact problem. Is this cable repairable and how? or are there still some parts around for purchase? Any advice would be helpful. Larry
  5. I own a MZ-R37 Recorder/Player and it came with 74 Minute Discs. I also own a MZ-N707 which always played 80 Min discs. When I try to put either disc into the "other" Player, I dont get any errors, I get no sound, but the counters just keep ticking up like its corretly playing it. Burning a 74Min and 80 Min Disc on the newly purchased JE520 deck and both Discs play in eithe r Unit. Some of the older 80 minute discs will not play (give off sound) in the JE520 Deck and some do play. Thank you all for the replies Ive learned so much here. Next I need software that runs on a Windows 10 PC, or is that even possible. I want to upload and down load music from/to my Mini discs. Larry
  6. Thank you for that education everyone. I recorded a 74 min disc in the JE530 deck and it plays in my 2 portables. One newer one I've always used 80 min discs and an older portable came with a box of 74 min discs. Each unique disc wouldn't play in the other size player. Do it's not a format that's not the issue but the disc or the recorder. Larry
  7. Excellent. I saw the complex adjustments made through the control panel. I'm still testing the unit. Thank you for all the information you provided. This is the best group ever.
  8. Thank you guys for replying. I just got the JE520 today and tried to play the 80min disc as well as the 74 min. my previously recorded discs in the 74 min played and the 80min discs wouldnt. I have not tried to record on either Disc yet. Im also curious if there is a Service manual that can show me how to adjust the internal settings for better alignment. I have an Electron ic background and a Bench full of the latest Electronics. Scopes, Meters. generators, etc.
  9. None of my 74 min and 80 Min Discs are marked with MDLP or otherwise. Yes Im a noob and I need to know the difference. Please , thank you
  10. Can't you guys just talk 74 min and 80 min Discs?
  11. I bought a Sony MDS-JE520 Deck and it only plays the 74 Minute Format Discs and not the 80 Minute Discs. What dont I understand about these 2 formats and why are they so different? I own several portable players both 74 and 80 minute Players?recorders- They are not compatible with each other. Please explain why the Deck cant play both?
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