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  1. Hi sfbp, i have just solved the mystery. I wasn't logging in as an administrator properly when i thought i was, and now that i am sonicstage is loading properly. So i can login as administrator to view sonicstage then log off and back on to my account for all my other stuff. Many thanks for all your time and effort i certainly couldn't have figured it out without your help.simon
  2. Hi, yes i lost adobe acrobat reader,adobe air,adobe flash player 32 NPAP1,avs update manager,avs video converter,compatability pack for the 2007 office system.
  3. Hi sfbp, the dep is set for essential windows programmes only,so it seems that it's a no go as far as my ss is concerned. Thanks for your time and help,if you think of anything else please let me know.
  4. Hi sfbp, I never get the chance to click the next button,either everything closes when the blue circle is still running or it closes down as the arrow comes up. Either way there is definately no chance of carrying on with the set up.
  5. Hisfbp, i am running as administrator. I have installed itagain without uninstalling anything. This is what is coming up. I took photos because i couldn't fathom out the screenshots. 1st. do you want to allow this app etc 2nd. Small sonic stage on grey screen 3rd. It starts to show details 4th. Sonic stage start up comes up to complete the set up. However all of this comes up while the blue timer is still turning and as soon as it finishes (4seconds or so) and the pointer arrow comes on the screens close down. Sometimes it doesn't even take a few seconds and as soon as i click on the allow changes box it closes down. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi sfbp. Its a toshiba L670,windows 10 home, 4096 ram, x64, drive c 232gb 160,38gb free space, drive d 232,49gb 102,51gb free space. I can't take a screen shot but ss only shows itself for 3 or 4seconds anyway and there are definately no messages coming up of any kind.
  7. Hi sfbp, i have reinstalled ss and restarted my laptop, but when i open ss it comes up on the screen for 3 or 4 seconds then closes. This is what it was doing before i reset the laptop. I have disabled my norton antivirus to see if that was preventing it from opening and staying on but it made no difference. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi sfbp, i don't seem to be able to find sonic stage 4.3 anywhere. Do you by any chance have a link to it that i can use. (I'm pretty useless with this sort of stuff!!!!!) Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm now not sure if i am an administrator user (because i don't actually know what it means!!!!!) What i really want do is put more music on my nw hd5 and i'm not particularly computer savvy so i could use as much help as possible.
  10. Hi there no i'm not. I have just reset my windows 10 and it's deleted my sonicstage and i've read that it's no longer available to download. Is there anything i can do to manage the music on mynw hd5.
  11. Thanks for the reply but even with the hd5 not connected sonicstage closes off after a few seconds and goes back to thelaptop homescreen,so it is nothing to do with batteries or cables. Any other thoughts?
  12. Hi i have a nw hd 5 player and have just tried starting up sonic stage 4.3 on my laptop and whether the hd5 is connected to the laptop or not when i start sonic stage it comes on the screen with info displayed (albums etc) but after about 5 seconds closes off and i'm back to the homescreen. Can anyone help.
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