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  1. I have NH600, NH700, NH900 and RH910. NH600 has to much middle frecvency, NH700 is better only with custom EQ NH900 is the best 1st generation Hi MD. Sound is balanced. Perfect with custom EQ. Strong volume, but still annoying compared with RH910 wich I thing is the best. It has a warm sound and no matter how loud you turn up the volume does not bother the ears. Of course I am not fun of listen of loud music, but this informations hope to help someday to someone. 23/5000 23/5000
  2. I finally decided to buy a Sony MZ-RH10 whit non working LCD for about 90Eu, but whit a good laser read and write mode. I have replace the mechanism one of each other, and everything is like new I am so glad. Something I've got to mention is that the motherboard of RH910 is A1 (platform I gues) and RH10 is A2. So even if the contacts from screen is the same, it will not work. So the only way is to replace the mechanism, which is the same.
  3. It seems that the problem it was attenuate by modify the location code 9114 from this topic Many thanks to sfbp! . I went down the original 9F to 78. READ ERROR message still appears but much less often. If I go down even further, the error message appears more often.
  4. Hello! My HI-MD Sony MZ-RH910 it appears READ ERROR message on screen most of the time. Sometimes I hear the clicking noise of lens trying to focus the disc but whit no result. It has that problem on normal minidiscs, but the 1GB discs it read fine all the time. It takes 10 or more reads disc to disappear this message. My question is: is there a way to increase the laser diode power in service menu? or it is something else? What do you thing? I would be very grateful to you all! Thank you.
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