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  1. I am so pleased that there is a forum for the worldwide minidisc community (I'm from germany) to get still support for these great Sony machines. I have a MDS-JE770 and 780. my older 770 has inside as you all know the BD-board MDM-7A. This board has 2 possibilities for the laser unit: KMS-260B or 260E. These 2 different laser-units are working with different settings/adjustments for voltage and so on. Question: If I have an MDM-7A with a builtin KMS-260E: Will a MDM-7A exchange with a builtin KMS-260B work fine instantly "like a plug and play change" or are there settings / adjustments for the laser still to be done ? I think the answers will apply to the mdm-7S1A BD-boards as well (with 260B and E series)
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