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  1. Many thanks guys, That rules the B10 out. I’ll have a look at the MDS-PC3.
  2. Hey peeps. Many thanks for your info, it’s really helped me. i do know the B-10 has speed control without changing pitch allegedly. if you have a B-10 can you set it to 1 track mode. Play a song then after it stops press play. Does the next song play? thank you in advance
  3. Hi, i would like to do two more things with minidisc recorder/player than I have achieved. i have the mds jb920 and the mds je520 and a MZ R70 maybe someone out there will know if it’s possible. i would like to pitch change without changing the speed and I would like to change the speed without changing the pitch. is there a machine out there that can do any of these things. many thanks in advance ActOne
  4. Many thanks guys, that’s really helpful information. I’ll do a bit more digging now I know more. Youre right, I have the mds jb920 and the mds je 520 in my rack which I use all the time. I’m now looking for a more intimate solo set up which I can get up and running in 5-10 mins.
  5. Hi, I have used rack mounted minidisc players on stage for many years. I now would like to use a Walkman type minidisc player for solo use through one guitar combo. Is there any players available that have the A pause feature that I use on the rack mount ones? Many thanks Colin T
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