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  1. Not sure what/how it happened, I simply removed and reinserted those ribbons a couple of times and voilà, it works ! Thank you.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Do they look like twist ties? Do you happen to have pics of what they look like and where they are located, please?
  3. I followed the “proposed methodology” (except the odometers). I spent two days double test recording on both MD decks and reported all back.what did I miss? P.S. thanks for those links. I hadn’t seen all before. Have lots to read tomorrow, cheers
  4. On my first post, indeed had those errors. Later on, on a later post, I thought I made clear I no longer have those errors, just skips/skids , I said.
  5. I don't get those errors... Just skips/skids
  6. So you're saying by pulling the ribbon from the socket twice, is enough to remove oxidation, I don't understand ?
  7. How's this done, with a laser reader? If so, I don't know anyone who has one. Wouldn't this affect both playback and recording? Both MD decks play (my old recorded MD discs) very, well. How easy is to replace/buy and ship new ribbons? What about the lasers, easy to find/buy?? ...two MD decks, have exactly the same issue!? How likely is this?
  8. Never really had that much recording, a wee bit of play, maybe. From '97 and still like new (deck A). I had my first C13 error today, nothing major. Wiped all songs and recorded again. (deck B Haven't read about odometers, yet. NGY warning put me off...
  9. For many years, I used to say that too. It travelled w/ me from EU, to Australia, then UK for many years and back to AUS for almost 10, never skipped a bit ! Then last 6 months this issue occurred... bought a second 520 last week and same issue... Do they have an end of life, similar to DSLRs (after 100.000 clicks, the shutter dies) ? I also read somewhere about misaligned heads (2x on each deck), but not on my two decks, I wouldn't think?
  10. (Ignore this above, it must have been a lucky attempt?) So spent the last 2 or so days, testing all different scenarios… recording between the two JE520 MD decks using different RCA cables, and different blank MD discs, and reversed the order of MD deck recording, also test recording from 3 different audio sources (into each MD deck) directly connected with different RCA cables, (no Amp). Also tried recording from the CD deck, via different Toslink cables, into each MD deck, using different blank MD discs, and no improvement! Not only I used different audio sources, I also used
  11. Not a bad point... it had also crossed my mind when the issue started, way before I decide to post the issue here and way before I found and bought new (sealed) blank MDs... By the time I found this forum and 'popped the question' I had already made all sorts of recording tests, from a CD-R was one of them, but it didn't help has I had also tried CD-WR, and 'normal' studio and also from my Record player and my Apple Mac, from own my recorded MD disc etc. etc. and the issue was still there, so it made me think it was a dodgy blank MD, not the audio source(s). Cheers P.S. I don't want
  12. I can’t ATM, but they’re the same as your bottom 2 pics, w/ Opt, Coax , Analog.
  13. Tried so many different original and recorded CDs, different audio sources, different playlists from my Apple Mac, RCA, Toslink cables etc. etc. No difference whatsoever. These can be very, very random and from any audio source, or RCA, Toslink etc. Skips are always random and hardly ever on the same song (i.e. if I test record from the same CD twice).
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