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  1. So you're saying i just just buy the single AA battery holding to stick on the bottom. Could i ask you a favor? it's gonna take AGES to get the minidisc deck here. Any chance you could record some Biffyclyro and metallica songs onto a minidisc for me, i'll pay you to send it to me, i don't even have any music to test with lol
  2. Hi there, i bough a Sony MS MZ-E620, and somehow received 3. Of course none of them came with ANYTHING, nada, Zip. No inline remotes, no charging/data transfer cables, no Gumstick Batteries, no Charging cable... nothing. So i ordered one of those 1450 mAh Ni-MH Gumstick Batteries, you know the orange ones. Got it. And ... now what lol. I didn't think it all the way through. I though it'd be easy ot either get a wall plug that i can put the Gumstick battery in to charge that way, or i'd easily pickup a cradle that fits it that has a power cable to the wall.... NAH. I can't find a SINGLE charding/data transfer cable, not just for my model, for ANY model. And what makes it worse, the plugs that charge the gumstick batteries, even the cheap chinese ones, are like 30 dollars + 15 deliver to my country. Can someone please help me out here, I've already dropped 80 on the unit. And because it's not ( didn't realize at the time) a RECORDER and it's only a player, i can't even MADE my own discs, meaning I've also had to order a MD Recorder DECK... that looks like DVD player. Honestly all joking aside, can you guys help me out and maybe point in the right direction of the actual properly cradle for my unit thats not gonna add more money to the almost 210 I've already paid, or at least point me in the direction of a known good Gumstick charging wall plug thats not that expensive, maybe you guys even do them or could sell me one? Thanks so much for reading this guys, I'm new to this, but I had these things when i was young and i was a big fan Thanks Tony from Ireland
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