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  1. I must have something set somewhere (default?) I heard a beep and saw a notification "kgallen mentioned you in a thread" ;-) And yes, this tab has survived in my browser since Feb! More importantly perhaps can I add my apologies for contributing to hijackingness ;-)
  2. Noticed, but kept shtum :-)
  3. Nice. PAT tested too :-D
  4. @kgallen Seeing as the EEVBlog forum post on this same topic was the first one I came across (and the first one the OP posted to?) do you mind if I share the source code over there? I've zipped the C/Tcl/Python together
  5. Disclaimer: I'm not a software engineer... Requires python3 - I'm sure there's a more elegant way that will support both python2 and python3 but it's late and I'm tired. I'll look again tomorrow after some sleep and a chat with an actual software engineer :-D (also there's a kludgy hack to define a fprintf function in python so I could get around converting the formatting of the ASCII hex output :-) ) Tested OK on Fedora 33, RaspiOS (buster) & MacOS Catalina. execute as: python3 elektor_scms_rom.py Enjoy! @kgallen I've just spotted an error in a comment in y
  6. That is truly an epic piece of work Kevin! Many many thanks for the insight :-)
  7. This is the most fun I've had in a long time :-D Isn't that often the way? Out of lockdown boredom I retrieved my MiniDisc kit out of the cellar and look where we are now :-)
  8. Aye I was thinking about that last night :-) "Frame alignment words in timeslot 0"... The 2048kb/s interface (well the G.703 & G.704 realisations) are still in use in most (if not all) telecom networks today as synchronisation signals. Even big Cisco etc. switches that support Synchronous Ethernet and PTP (IEEE1588-2008) still have "sync out"/"sync in" interfaces that can handle the old PDH "2 Meg" signals :-)
  9. As I read the file in Linux (on the Raspberry Pi) there's hexdump and xxd - tools that can format & decode the binary into ASCII hex. (both seem to be present on MacOS too tho you'll need to open the terminal to use these command-line utilities.)
  10. SPDIF format - we're looking at the physical layer line code, not the actual audio data itself hence the "bi-phase" bit references below.
  11. I did indeed, it's compulsory isn't it? :-D
  12. Snippet: 0x717 & 0x81D locations of note 000006e0 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 000006f0 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 00000700 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 00000710 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 11 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 00000720 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 00000730 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |................| 00000740 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f 0e 0f |..............
  13. For completeness here's an update on what I've managed to find out about the original article/author: First published in most European language versions of Elektor 12/1997, English language version 07-08/1998 Author: Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Juergen Hanft (not credited with any other projects on Elektor) no contact details found Georg Stippler - Stippler Elektronik, Bissingen Germany (suppliers of the kit/components) no contact details found At the time the Magazine Editor was Len Seymour - has his name on some books of collections of projects that were published like "305 circuits" etc. but
  14. I've discovered the original article can be found in the Jul-Aug 1998 issue of Elektor held in the archives of https://worldradiohistory.com/Elektor.htm There's some detailed description of the pattern matching and/or ROM contents in there.
  15. Seeing as "Stippler Elektronik" the original suppliers are no more and the original Pascal source was never published I don't see why not, for "educational" purposes. Are you planning on building a copy?
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