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  1. Discovered today that there was a bug in the MD titling scripts generated by my program. Fixed it. Here's an updated release. SonicStageTitles v1.5.1.zip
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I only import to ATRAC Lossless in SonicStage. I guess that's why I was so focused on making a solution to get the CD Info entered more easily. I'm curious which free programs rip WMA lossless with the tags. I never investigated that and now I'd like to try it and compare.
  3. So, I gotten to v1.5 of my program that will type CD Info into SonicStage. It's improved quite a bit and I think it does everything I want it to. There's a .pdf included in the .zip file with both detailed and simple instructions. I'm hoping this will be the final release. If you haven't seen any of my previous posts about this, the basic use case is this: copy artist, album, genre & tracklist from web (I recommend using discogs.com and searching by CD catalog number) paste into SonicStageTitles click a few buttons watch the CD Info get typed into SonicStage
  4. Hello. I have recently rediscovered my Minidiscs and also purchased my first Net MD capable player / recorder. Even though people keep telling me not to use SonicStage, I've come to prefer it. I got SS 4.3 from these forums and installed it in a VirtualBox VM running Windows XP SP3. I like ripping my CDs to ATRAC Lossless and using those files to transfer to MDs using either LP2 or SP (if I want to play on my older MD units). However, I got sick of typing the CD info in and was looking for a way to automate this in SS 4.3 and I have come up with what I feel is a halfway decent solution. I've c
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