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  1. Discovered today that there was a bug in the MD titling scripts generated by my program. Fixed it. Here's an updated release. SonicStageTitles v1.5.1.zip
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I only import to ATRAC Lossless in SonicStage. I guess that's why I was so focused on making a solution to get the CD Info entered more easily. I'm curious which free programs rip WMA lossless with the tags. I never investigated that and now I'd like to try it and compare.
  3. So, I gotten to v1.5 of my program that will type CD Info into SonicStage. It's improved quite a bit and I think it does everything I want it to. There's a .pdf included in the .zip file with both detailed and simple instructions. I'm hoping this will be the final release. If you haven't seen any of my previous posts about this, the basic use case is this: copy artist, album, genre & tracklist from web (I recommend using discogs.com and searching by CD catalog number) paste into SonicStageTitles click a few buttons watch the CD Info get typed into SonicStage for you Things that are new in this version: you can paste artist, album, & genre info along with the tracklist and it types all of these items into SonicStage for you the ability to highlight artist, album, or genre from the pasted info and then right click to set any of these (in case the program guesses wrong) separate "CD Script" & "MD Script" script generation buttons simpler process for getting SonicStage ready for the automated typing to begin (merely have to click in the "Album Title" or "Disc Name" boxes) improved documentation with screen shots Anyway, I mostly wrote this for me and it's working great for me. I'm sharing it here just in case it helps anyone else. If it does help you, I would love to hear about it (I've spent more hours on it now than I care to think about). Here's a video of it in action. SonicStageTitles v1.5.zip
  4. Hi! Thanks for the feedback. It makes me happy to know it's useful to someone else besides myself. I definitely would modify it to also get the album, artist, & genre if I can think of an easy way to do this. In fact, I'm starting to scheme of how to do this now. You got me thinking.
  5. Never saw any replies to my previous post. But, my little program has evolved and is still working quite well for me. So, I'm uploading it here just in case anyone else finds it useful. I've used it to input the titles or about 2 dozen CDs now and it's so nice just copying from discogs.com, clicking a few buttons, and watching the titles get typed into SonicStage for me. It can even be used to title MDs since all it does is generate a VBScript that simulates keystrokes. Anyway, if anyone else tries it and finds it useful, I'd love knowing about it. SonicStageTitles v1.3.zip
  6. Finally got a chance to test this on Win 7. I was horrified to discover that pressing tab doesn't move to the next song title in SonicStage 4.3 in Win 7. You have to press the down arrow. I've modified the program to simulate down arrow presses instead of tabs. I've also added a half second delay after typing a title and pressing down. I did this to hopefully cut down on crashes caused when using it to title MDs. Again, if anyone uses it, I'd love to know how it goes. I mostly made it for me and it's saved me a bunch of grunt work but, it's always nice to think it might be helpful to others as well. SonicStageTitles v1.3.zip
  7. I've cooked up a solution to putting CD Info into SonicStage. I wrote an app that generates some VBScript that types the titles into SonicStage for me. It can be used to title MDs or CDs. The basic use case is: search the CD titles out (I use discogs.com & search by catalog number) copy the tab delimited text of the titles paste into my program click a few buttons watch the titles get typed in for me Anyway, it's working great for me so, I'm uploading it for anyone else who might be interested. I originally developed it on Win XP and have now tested it and updated it to work on Win 7 as well. If anyone uses it, I'd love to hear how it worked for them. SonicStageTitles v1.3.zip
  8. Discovered last night that my program couldn't handle when there are quotes inside of a song title. Fixed that. Also, if the VBScript it generated error out, it would just appear to do nothing. Fixed it so that the error message is reported on the screen. So, here's v1.1 If anyone uses it, please let me know how it goes. SonicStageTitles v1.1.zip
  9. Here it is. I hope it works as well for others as it is working for me. I've included an Instructions document. I think it's worth reading before you use it. Despite the length of the instructions I wrote, once you get the hang of it, it's really as simple as: Copy from discogs Paste Click a few buttons Watch the titles get typed in for you Let me know how it goes. I've only tested it on my VirtualBox VM running Windows XP SP3 and SonicStage 4.3 (that I got from these forums). SonicStageTitles.rar SonicStageTitles.zip
  10. Coincidentally, I'm running XP in VirtualBox so, the only OS I've tested it on is XP running SonicStage 4.3.
  11. I've written a Windows app that allows me to paste track info from Discogs.com into a text box, click a button and then have VBScript type the titles into SonicStage for me. I'd be happy to share it with anyone who's interested in trying it out.
  12. Hello. I have recently rediscovered my Minidiscs and also purchased my first Net MD capable player / recorder. Even though people keep telling me not to use SonicStage, I've come to prefer it. I got SS 4.3 from these forums and installed it in a VirtualBox VM running Windows XP SP3. I like ripping my CDs to ATRAC Lossless and using those files to transfer to MDs using either LP2 or SP (if I want to play on my older MD units). However, I got sick of typing the CD info in and was looking for a way to automate this in SS 4.3 and I have come up with what I feel is a halfway decent solution. I've created a new Windows app that I call SonicStageTitles that I can paste the track listing into and this program generates a VBScript that can type the titles into SS. The basic work flow is: search the CD catalog number at Discogs.com highlight & copy the track info paste this into SonicStageTitles click the "Extract Titles" button, verify or fix anything that looks incorrect click the "Generate Script" button check what it generated in the "VBScript body" text box (make sure there aren't any bad characters) click the "Run VBScript" button SonicStage will be brought to the foreground A dialog will appear stating that after you click "Ok" you have 7 seconds to get the first track in edit mode Click OK Click on the first track (click again, if it wasn't already highlighted) See that track 1 is in edit mode with all characters highlighted Sit and watch as the generated VBScript script types all the track names in for me I know that seeing 13 steps listed there might seem like a lot but, it's really pretty dang easy and a lot easier than typing titles manually. If anyone else is interested in using SonicStageTitles, let me know and I will hook you up with a copy to try out. I've only tested it in WinXP with SS 4.3 so, I have no idea if it works in other versions of Windows or with other versions of SS. Also, I hear that the latest Win 10 update prevents VBScripts from using the sendKeys command. If that's true, then this script will not work on those versions of Win 10.
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