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  1. Hi Jonas, Great project! Would it be possible to have a function that downloads all the metadata? Something like this in csv format. Artist Album Title Track1 title Track1 length Track2 title Track2 length etc.... It would be very useful for archiving disks and labelling. John O
  2. Thanks NGY! I took the mechanism apart again and found that the left most micro switch was completely trashed. Using image search, it seems be a C&K HDP Series Micro Mini, Side-Actuated SMD Detect Switch. Digikey: https://www.digikey.co.uk/en/product-highlight/c/ck-components/hdp-series-micro-mini-side-actuated-smd-detect-switches Here is a rough video of the problem: This is my week for fixing Sony Minidisk machines. I also have an MDS-E10 which is not well and awaiting a new belt. I'll be back! Regards, John O
  3. Thanks for your reply. I will take some photos tomorrow. Service manual is attached, but it is missing any detailed info on the minidisc mechanism. As a newbie, I cannot see any way to move this to the minidisc service manuals section. Kind regards, John O MDSE11_SM_SONY_EN_JP.pdf
  4. Having minor problems with my Sony MDS-E11. Although it records and replays just fine, when there is no disk in the machine it keeps trying to load and unload continually. I have obtained the service manual, but it does not show how to service the mechanism itself. I believe it might be an Onkyo mechanism. Does anyone know which actual Minidisc mechanism is used in the MDS-E11 recorder? Many thanks. John O
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