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  1. Thanks! I'll investigate the wiki missing instructions for the RH1, but once you connect it to the app and start selecting tracks, you have a 'Download' button instead of the normal 'Record' one (so it looks as-if it had exploits enabled out of the box). The progress dialog box that comes up is also different to the exploit one.
  2. @BearBoy The public version only does the normal SP/LP2/LP4, but the new version that I'll be releasing soon, which has full HiMD support [for most devices] (AT3+/AT3/LPCM/MP3) can also of course download tracks from HiMD using any of the HiMD machines.
  3. The current version of Web Minidisc supports downloading tracks off of the MZ-RH1. That functionality has been added even before the exploits were a thing.
  4. Yes, this is 100% true SP being uploaded back. The new version reprograms the player temporarily mid-transfer to allow that to happen.
  5. @DigiTalk - If you're interested in building something like this, here's my project where I managed to clone a Sony remote using an Arduino: https://github.com/asivery/Sony-Inline-Remote-Emulator . Not sure how easy it would be to integrate it with a BT transmitter.
  6. @BearBoy - No problem 🙂. This is a developer snapshot, so it contains all the newest features, including HiMD stuff, but that's not complete yet (no audio upload, should let you edit metadata though).
  7. No, you aren't missing anything obvious. NetMD doesn't support putting raw ATRAC1 back on the discs. However, if you would like to test it, here's the unreleased version of WMD, which does support that on some devices: https://testing.minidisc.wiki/b0824780-3c0c-11ed-b994-2c56dc399093/ That is a bug I am aware of, I'll fix it as soon as possible. It's still not fixed in the testing version I linked above.
  8. @BearBoy - Yes - there's a difference. ATRAC3 data is stored in WAV, because the RIFF container (the specification that WAV files follow) allow that to happen. For ATRAC1 I couldn't go with WAV, since ATRAC1 isn't supported by the RIFF container. Instead WMD downloads these files as AEA (an old format that was created by MD Editor I think). Sir68k - another developer of netmd-exploits managed to add the ATRAC1 specification to the matroska file format, and we'll probably also try to do the same with ATRAC3, so that the container format will be unified. I'll soon publish a patch to FFMPEG which patch the matroska demuxer there. AEA files are terrible because it's hard to identify them - they don't have a "magic number", unlike WAVs, so the sooner we switch from them the better.
  9. I'm not sure - I haven't looked at the Windows side of things personally, since I use Linux and the libusb driver gets loaded there automatically (no Zadig or any tool like that required), but I don't think I could get the Sony driver to work with Web Minidisc unfortunately, or even if it were possible, I just don't think it would justify the amount of work required to do so unfortunately. The solution that could solve all the problems would be to make a custom driver that just modifies the libusb inf file to include all the NetMD devices - then you wouldn't need to reinstall Zadig for every device. I might look into that at some point.
  10. This completely disables the Sony driver, and replaces it with a generic one.
  11. That's not really the case - Zadig is used to install the libusb driver, that makes it possible for Chrome to access the USB devices. Sony driver (the one used for SonicStage) locks the NetMD device down - it makes it unavailable for other apps to use. It's still necessary to use Zadig (or a 32-bit libusb driver in general) to run Web Minidisc on a 32-bit Windows system.
  12. Don't worry about it - I got myself a Sony LAM for testing and ended up falling in love with the whole LAM series of devices. I have 3 now, so I use that functionality regularly 😆
  13. Yeah the Sony NetMD decks were a painful mess to implement 😆. That's the problem with using Zadig, Web Minidisc can't do anything about it, sorry... Thanks, I'll try that later.
  14. Hi! Thanks for the kind words, if you have any suggestions or bugs to report, please let me know :). I got into MD for the first time in 2016 thanks to the first Techmoan MD video ("Minidisc: An appreciation" I think it was called), when I got myself an MZ-R3, that died a few years later with error 40. Now I own 5 MZ-R3s - 1 working and 4 dead. If you know any fixes for that dreaded error 40, please let me know - I'd love to fix it one day.
  15. Hello! Just thought I'll report it here, if you're trying to create an account without a connection with an already existing account like Google or alike, it's simply impossible to do so, because of incorrectly loaded reCaptcha. To make this account I had to rewrite the part of the site responsible for the captcha. If anyone else is experiencing the same difficulties, here are the steps I used to create my account: Go to https://forums.sonyinsider.com/register/ In devtools, open the `head` tag and remove all the scripts that mention recaptcha Add a new script, with `src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"` Execute the following JavaScript code: const captcha = document.querySelector("[data-ipscaptcha]"); const parent = captcha.parentElement; captcha.remove(); const newCaptcha = document.createElement("div"); parent.appendChild(newCaptcha); grecaptcha.ready(() => grecaptcha.render(newCaptcha, {sitekey: "6LdgERMTAAAAAC4kTmm7BH1laShX3teATAV_6FIY"})); After that, you should be able to click on the captcha and create your account by executing the following JS code (the submit button is broken): document.querySelector("form").submit();
  16. Hello @kgallen! I personally recommend any of the Sony Type-S portables. They're the most reliable when it comes to maintaining a connection to Web Minidisc Pro. Type-R portables like the MZ-N1 and alike still sometimes drop the connection mid-transfer. Sony Type-S portables should also work best with Platinum, but I haven't tested it - they're just the most lax when it comes to following the restrictions imposed by the NetMD protocol. When it comes to downloading data off of MDs via Web Minidisc Pro, that functionality only works on Sony non-HiMD portables - with Type-S you can achieve ~5x real time speed when ripping SP (~10x LP2, ~20x LP4), with Type-R ~0.5x for standard SP. It's impossible on the decks and non-Sony devices for now. I myself use an MZ-N520 for pretty much everything and it's been very reliable, but I expect other Type-S portables to be the same. Also, Web Minidisc Pro can use a remote Sony encoder hosted by the Wiki, which might produce better ATRAC3 than even SonicStage.
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