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  1. I was hoping that "MD Community" would have been a clue;maybe I'm too general. Is there anyone thinking about Releasing the 50th Anniversary Album on MD Complete with Artwork,the whole 9 yards?
  2. Hello MD Community, As the title says,U.K.'s own Michael Gordon Oldfield will Celebrate 50 WONDERFUL YEARS of Making Music. Starting with Tubular Bells,and ending with a couple cryptic short videos over on Youtube,Mike Oldfield keeps his Fans always wanting More.Sadly,M.O.had retired in 2017 and nothing was heard from Him again...until recently. But,I digress. Do anyone know if a Commercial release of the upcoming Final 50th Anniversary Album is in the works? I await the Jury's Answer...
  3. Hello,Sony MD Community. I am here because of a Techmoan podcast on Youtube!

    I hope to Contribute in a Positive Manner,and learn lots,too.


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