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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I got my hands on more MD's to test out on the machine and had slightly better results.Still had loading issues, but not as often. That being said I did what you suggested on cleaning the record head. I used some 99% isopropanol that I had and wiped it a few times. Since wiping it down It doesn't show the error message at all and correctly records on the disc! I have tested it dozens of times on my new MD's and I am confident it was just the record head had some debris on it obstructing the recording process. Thank you so much for you help. :)
  2. Hello! I'm pretty new to MD's and these forums. Id appreciate any help 🙂 I recently have gotten a MDS-JE320 which I got for really cheap. Playing the audio on the disc is fine and has no problems, but when I try to record on a MD it gives a Loading Error message. Pressing the record button again will sometimes get it to function correctly and it will record properly and save it to the MD. I opened it up and observed it to see what it was doing. It seems the write head is just not making contact with the MD to start recording and the disc will stop spinning. Like I said previously hitting the record button again will sometimes fix the error. Now is there anyway to fix this or is this just something because of its age? I linked two small videos to show what its doing. https://imgur.com/bNJOIXO https://imgur.com/rS6YRNC
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