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  1. thanks. i have the SM, but i don't find any clue to solve this ... i will check the 3 motors if it spins with external voltage. at least i will find if the motors are ok ...no cluster off
  2. Hello colleagues. Help me , with the following very annoying problem. I'm convinced that it's an insidious flaw, but I just don't get it. I have above average knowledge in troubleshooting. A Sony MDS-JA50ES does not want to Play ! and does not spin the disc! The lens rises, 2 times and looks OK. Eject and load-in MD, works superb. Display also. ON/OFF OK. I cleaned, lubricated and checked everything! Microswitches, cables, contacts - everything in sight works normally. And yet, the disk does not spin...! After few second, NoDisc appears…or Error disc and eject it. Please, any help or trick can be helpful. Thank you very much
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