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  1. well i want to ask that if accidently my walkman i mean nwe005 is connected to pc and power fails or pc shutdown does this damage the walkman. i live in pak where power failure is a major porblem. what to do..
  2. cool_rock

    sound with nwe005

    well i experiency some times a degradation in soundquality with my nwe005 walkman.and when i reset it it returns to normal.whats the problem
  3. well i want to ask that can i add some extra display screen to nwe005 which are available on this site. can i sse them with them nwe005f and howa can i intall them to my player.
  4. cool_rock

    d normalizer

    well when i use d.normalizer it really changes the sound of my mp3 files. and they sound more cool with d.normalizer off.so does d.normalizer works on mp3 files and does d normalizer takes more power
  5. well i want to ask that when is a nwe firmware update for nwe005f is comming form sony although my nwe005 comes with the latest 2.01 and no problems. but to make it more flexiblke and more lovely i guess some more nice screens.
  6. well i m also using nwe005f with sonicstage 4.3 and no problems i also dl it from net. and when i plug my nwe005 and transfer my whole mp3s to it without any problem. i think the problems lies some where else. well u should try to format the player by palyer menu. and then first uninstall ur sonicstage. and then u should remove any hidden files of thw software. in c program files\common files\sony shared as wel as c:\application data\common files\sony shared etc well u should each and avery thing form u r harddisk. of sony software. and then u should install the fresh install the software form cd or net.well mine cd is out of order so i tried the software direct from net and transfering is a breeze for me.no problems at all. and enjoy my nee005 f daily. and loes it.u should not return iit. nwe005f sound very good like an hifi...and the best value for money well u should also try disabling antiviruses and antispywares when transfering music to player
  7. cool_rock


    well how often and how should i must clean the headphones plug of the gold plated plug.
  8. well u can off the dnormalizer it will return the volume to high pitch well i have a usa model and volume is quiet loud on these walkman nwe005f even at 12 u can hear u r music pretty comfortable. and at 15 16 it really seams loud. and above 20 is too loud even for traffic and outside and there is also an avls mode. u can off it. and there is no need 4 more volume. ihave never heard it at 30 it will definetly make u deaf after few hours of listning...so protect u r self from defness
  9. well when i connect my new005F to the usb port of my pc it shows that the devie can perform faster if u connect it to a high speed usb port 2.0. well mine mp3 player is set to high usb and my pc port are also of 500ma. and they both are usb 2.0 compatiable.i have a been previously and it never showed this message. well i being able to transfer songs and data without any problem. but still i want to know why the message is comming
  10. hi folks well i have read couple of reviews abt nwe005 volume.well i dont know whats the volume of Europe models.but i have a usa model. and belive me most of the times i use it with avls on and volume upto 12 and it still feels quiet loud specially in night for my ears. and when i turn up the volume to 16 18 i cant even heard the generators noise in my neighbours. well so there is no such limit and i cant put it on 30 with headphones to my ears bcoz i dont want to get def. i dont know which type of ears u people have. as sony players are for a life time listning so that u can listen for a life time not to get def with only few days of listning.well i have a usa model.i dont know abt europe models. but the only limit is avls.and it can be turned off from menu
  11. cool_rock

    dynamic limitter

    well i have bought a nwe005F recently usa model. but when i turn on the dynamic limitter function of the player and the equalizer and when i turn up the volume i hear some background noise i already have firmware ver2.01 preinstalled on my unit. can anyone one guide me what to do.
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