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  1. Pastor777: Yeah mate i tried formattig it through SS. Unfortunately, i dont have that option anywhere.... And the option to initiate is greyed out... Also : Ive also checked out that entire Sony site... but thanks anyhow... SimKill : Im avoiding taking it to a Sony store because they will charge me $$$ for something that i can probably do in about 1/4 the time at home... I just have to figure out whats wrong with it first. Thanxz anyways tho dude.
  2. i'll assume then that you have the same model... Hey thanks for that... I'll try and reformat it Fat 32 and see what happens... Pastor : I am unable to acces the players menu as none of the buttons seem to do anything. (but ill try and raw it also to see what happens.) Cant hurt it any further can i... lol famous last words. Thanx both to Shinji Ikeda and Pastor777.
  3. I have just noticed that even tho the MP3 player has been formatted with XP and even tho i have "deleted all files" (Both manually through explorer and using Sonic Stage), Every time i start Sonic Stage, it is copying all of the OMGAUDIO files back onto the player... Im assuming these are the Operating System files for the player (MP3 playing software). This leads me to believe that perhaps it is the method that XP uses to format (FAT/FAT32/etc?) that is causing the actual problem... Thoughts...?
  4. ALSO. Does anyone know how these lil bastards are formatted ?? FAT FAT 32 NTFS (YEAH RIGHT) or does Sony have its own little file alocation system... ??? if you know the answer... PLEASE POST !!!! Im running around in circles here... Thanx
  5. o.k. doki... I am able to delete all tracks through the "Controls" - "device/media" option. However the initialise option is not enabled ???? Deleting all tracks has done only that. No O/S files are transfered. Screenshot once again for your perusal... Thanks very much for your time BTW Antipod.
  6. Hi Antipod... When i select "Device/Media Info", The "Device/Media Properties" dialog box does appear. Only it doesnt have any options to choose from other than authorise... I have included a screenshot for you to have a look at. thanks for the suggestion tho...
  7. OK so my GF decided to format my NW-E407 using the format command in Xp. Now i know as a fact NOT to do this to your flash walkman. To date: Sonicstage still reads the player (Ive updated Sonicstage to the latest version and tried several other versions). Sonicstage can both send and recieve files to and from the player. Sonicstage can even play the music files directly from the player. Usb transfer still works fine. (Ie: it still works as a portable memory stick) However. There is no mp3 playing software on the player (ie: i have no menu options and none of the buttons do anything visible) The screen only shows the a cute little picture of a battery and the word "full" next to it. (Unless the USB cable is in, in which case it shows USB connect AND the same battery message above that) The reset button does nothing other than make the screen go blank and then return me to my now favourite little battery symbol. I have let the players battery go completely flat (no charging for several days). I even unplugeed the battery from inside the player to totaly wipe the flash memory (which off course didnt work being flash mem but you gotta try right ?). Ive tried to firmware upgrade using 3 different version numbers. 200,201 and another in which the name eludes me currently (100 series whatever the case). All 3 times the same message has appeared. "No device for the type selected is currently connected, Connect the device on which to perform the update before proceeding." I can see my player in Windows explorer and under my computer, I can even access it. So i dont know why this message is appearing. (I followed the instructions to the best of my ability - it is made for idiots right ?) Run firmware upgrade program, prompt to plug in player. Plug in player. Click ok. Error message. I purchased my player in London well over a year ago. So warranty repair is out of the question, Especially as i live in Australia. ANYONE who has any ideas, please help. Also Can anyone send me the Operating System files for the player and ill just manually transfer them across to the player ? (ive tried everything else). Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and has a go at helping...
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