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  1. Just a little bump for everybody. It seems like the news coverage here has died down a little. Would love to give you guys a hand if you need or would invite you all to our ever growing Sony site at SonyRumors.net. We try to cover Sony on every occasion and news piece that we get so I think there is something for everybody on our site.
  2. Have you guys seen this video. I think it's a viral/test video for the Bloggie Touch? What do you think?
  3. Hey you guys, just dropping by from SonyRumors.net and saying Hi and yes, I dont believe there is any competition, just love for Sony and keeping its fans updated and hopefully, helping shift maybe some policies at Sony <<< Jee, sounds like a PR statement. I must say though, trying to run a functional blog is a lot of work! And yea, I kinda broke the forum a few weeks ago...im still trying to get that sorted out
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